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Talkn dirty

13.09.2010 13:48 EDT
when ur fuckn what do u like to hear?i always tell my man how i love his big cock,love the way he feels,mm fuck me harder i know it turns him on...i love hearing him as what do u like hearing while ur fuckn
tel me how huge my dick is in u n how u wana return the favour
08.03.2013 15:20 EST,
tell me i have the best kok n its good fuck me hard n say things like wait til i ride ur kok.
08.03.2013 15:18 EST,
i like hearing it all and more ur finger nails in my back scratching me you biting me all of it
04.11.2012 11:18 EST,
Also love makin her scream n moan,fuckin her so hard shes gaspin for breath.uncontrolable cries of pleasure
18.09.2012 07:36 EDT,
Yeah I love hearin that,her sayin how good my big cock feels inside her pus. Askin me to fuck her harder,pound it into her. How she loves fuckin me
18.09.2012 07:34 EDT,
i love hearing dirty talk n alot of screaming n moaning
09.08.2012 08:23 EDT,
I love hearing moaning or heavy breathing! There doesn't have to be words!
17.06.2012 14:02 EDT,
love to hear how deep its goin, how it feels deep in ur ass, n how it feels when my balls empty deep inside u..
24.04.2012 14:19 EDT,
16.04.2012 13:45 EDT,
All of what you said is good with im your slut fuck me as such fuck me, bottom me out.
13.02.2012 15:13 EST,
i wanne hear horny moan like aaah,ohh baby dper oh yah u get z right place kp fk me like that oh i'm cummming 4u oh more
20.12.2011 15:21 EST,
I love being told how good it feels and Just how big my Cock is and how it stretches her. being told to fuck her harder faster or deeper is good too
16.12.2011 02:48 EST,
thats so fuckin hot! i luv that! id definitely fuck harder!
25.10.2011 20:47 EDT,
if u tell ur man while he fuckin u ' that u like his cock or style ! u will get more force and warmness in fucking ! its gv u nd ur man extra pleasure !
03.10.2011 14:22 EDT,
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