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28.03.2012 00:45 EDT
Whats ur faviorite thing about cumming..i like the rush of indorphins that r released that oooooh feeling that spreads over my body...tell me ur fav thing about ur orgasim....
Connecting with my lover in mutual orgasm after I have already driven her to multiple orgasms.
11.03.2014 05:07 EDT,
suck it all in my mouth.
08.03.2013 14:23 EST,
the pressure
26.01.2013 15:52 EST,
i like the moans of my gf when she cuma...her helplessness to cum of.sheer pleasure....her inability to stand up as u onow dat while females cum dey cant stand... and ya d way she holds me tight as ever...her legs wrapped around me....
08.01.2013 14:33 EST,
felling my cum exploding out of my dick i love that filling
03.11.2012 19:35 EDT,
Actualy my favorite is that one or two seconds just before i cum. the moment you completly own me. that instant id sign my life away if you asked. then the very instant im about to bust you pull it out telling me not yet and i beg for mercey! but then remember im here for your pleasure only! OWN ME BABY!
17.09.2012 11:57 EDT,
27.08.2012 08:07 EDT,
I love cumming deep inside throat n all over her face while sucking me.
12.08.2012 01:49 EDT,
i love to cum deep in a pussy the feeling as i know im shooting my load
09.08.2012 08:59 EDT,
Like to cum when doing doggy. feeling is always pleasant.
15.07.2012 07:04 EDT,
It dnt matta wat shit is goin on in ur life 4 them few seconds nothin else matters! Jst the place the orgasm tkes u 2 is all tht counts! The world wud b a happier place if ppl cud live in a permanant state of orgasm! Lol x
10.06.2012 20:50 EDT,
I feel like heaven and i like to cum in mouth and it was great feel
05.06.2012 17:30 EDT,
whn cumin, i wud lv 2 c u sitin n ur knee n dyin to tak cum in mouth . . wd opn wide mouth
01.06.2012 16:56 EDT,
it makes both heads feel like they are exploding with super great sentual effort and it sends me to cloud 9
21.05.2012 14:32 EDT,
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