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@ss play

27.04.2012 20:43 EDT
ok most guys lie n say they dont like theyr ass played with but for those of u who like it openly tell me what do u like done and y..whats the feeling it brings??
I love it when I girl fingers me, it just feels horny and makes me more turned on
15.07.2014 07:08 EDT,
My favorite way to receive sex is a blow job accompanied with an anal drilling by a vibrator! Orgasmically, nothing else is close. I want my head inside your mouth while I'm cumming and you can't pound my ass too hard or too fast!
11.03.2014 04:57 EDT,
Now you're talking my language! I can be quoted, "Turnabout is fair ass play!"
11.03.2014 04:52 EDT,
Being lickd and rimmed and if yu finger me while m fucking prepared to be broken!...
07.06.2013 00:00 EDT,
i like fingers covered in oil, tongues and toys in mine
29.04.2013 13:20 EDT,
I do enjoy a finger in my ass when I'm close to cumming it trebles the strengh of the climax lol it made me hard thinkin about it x
05.03.2013 17:32 EST,
Yes i luv a finger in my ass when i get my cock sucked and the feeling of my ass clamping tight on there finger as i cum makes me shot it so hard it gos every were
14.02.2013 19:13 EST,
I like making out in lotus position. Do it at once and you'll know what degree of intimacy it brings.
13.02.2013 06:37 EST,
ya know a mans so called G-spot is in thier ass. If you are able to find it, he will become your dedicated ass slut for life.. and for you guys who are to mocho. go ahead i dare you to try it. it dont mean yer gay. i mean for gods sake... let yer woman find that special lil spot of heaven then tell me you didnt LOVE IT Great post btw swetie!!
05.02.2013 22:16 EST,
Mmmm want u to kneel behind me part my ass cheeks give my ass a sniff n blow up my hole before ur slide that tongue in nice n deep ;-) xx
11.01.2013 19:33 EST,
lick it n suck my balls! it makes my cock so hard i fk forever
08.01.2013 16:59 EST,
Any implement I can find that will mash the prostate gland works for me. I feel awesome from my asshole to the top of my cock. I cum huge too because of it .
22.11.2012 08:52 EST,
i like a finger teasing my ass when im getting head
05.11.2012 07:55 EST,
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