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landscape - Animals/Nature

You have to say no !

12.07.2010 13:33 EDT
Would you let anybody think at your place ? I'm sure you won't. What I call freedom is the freedom of doing what we want, as we want and whenever we want, as long as nobody's harmed. It does include sex, which involves cybersex too. And what is cybersex ? It does not only means describing a sexual behaviour just as if your partner's really here. It means watching porno ton...
Someone could say he doesn't like porn, for many reasons, true ones or not. All right. Nobody would force him to watch.

But now, once again, cumming on pics may sound weird, but why not ?
Start censor with porn-and tomorrow everything on earth will be prohibited. Oh, by the way, remember US alcohol prohibition in the 30s ?
où irait le monde sans sexe? heu... il n'y aurait plus personne... c'est simpliste mais basique lol bonne journée
21.08.2010 06:29 EDT,
Freedom of expression has taken many forms. Some call it art, others call it trash. Some call it art of the human body, others call it crude and vulgar. Either way it's still expression. If someone doesn't like it then they can look the other way. Slowly but surely we're given more freedom to do one thing but in exchange for another
12.07.2010 20:06 EDT,

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