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cutie po h


04.02.2010 08:01 EST
Hi my name is Rashied. Let me tell u abit bout myself if i can lol. Im a hard working aspiring chef that enjoys alota thngs in life. I love music and try all the time 2 go out but never get to it lol. I have the most wonderful lovng and beautiful woman in the world in my life. Her name is Ava. She just complete me in every way. She picks me up when i am down and always believes in me. Without her i would b nthng like a soul lost in the darkness. Weve been through alot together. Most people wouldnt survive what we went through i mean their relationship. But its been 3 years of absolute bliss. There are times that i stop and think what have i done 2 deserve a woman like her in my life. Enough of the sob story lol. I live on my own. Have alota hopes and dreams and trying my best to get my own busness on its feet. If any1 eva told you its hard work they surely werent jokng. But at the end of the day its a good feeling that you manage 2 make a living for yourslf and the only that cnt make it work is You.
:-) nice to meet u rahied
16.02.2010 13:39 EST,

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