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Have we Forgotten

10.03.2010 15:03 EST
What would I be if I didn`t have you? I wouldn`t be what I am today that?s for sure. I wouldn`t have known what LOVE is or how it is to be LOVED. You taught me what Love is I didn`t know what that meant. I was lost and alone wasn`t worth any ones LOVE or so I thought. You showed me that even I Was worth loving no matter my faults. People take being loved for granted they forget how important it is in their lives. It is so easy to take things for granted but when its gone we tend to miss it. We forget bout the people we care about and always take them for granted. But when you lose them you find that you lost something that was part of your life and regret that you never appreciated what you had.

Have we become so consumed with ourselves that we forgot about the things or the people that means to us the most. Have we become so selfish that nothing else matters anymore. Why do we do this to ourselves? Have our obsession with ourselves made us so selfish that we can`t love anything or anyone accept ourselves. Why do we enjoy someone else`s heartache or celebrate their failure. Do we have walk over people to make ourselves seem better than others. What happened to HELP THY NEIGHBOUR!

No one cares anymore. Do we forget that LOVE is what will safe us from anything. Or have we drifted so far away that we don`t need it in our lives anymore
very well written
17.05.2010 03:01 EDT,

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