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beautiful eye

Different forms of Anger

13.03.2010 09:33 EST
Depending on our basic belief system, past experiences & perception ( understanding ) of present situation we r in Anger takes diff.forms which emerge in our mind & get communicated 2 others through our behaviour: ¤1¤. Irritation > u create this when day to day affair dont happen fast enough. ¤2¤ Frustration > u create this when events dont occur as per ur desire.¤3¤ Grudge > u create this when u believe that u have been wronged by someone in the past. ¤4¤ Resentment > u create this towards those that u think have insulted or offended u or when u r jealous of someone. ¤5¤ Hatred > U create this following ur disapproval of another's action. ¤6¤ Rage> u create this following the build up of anger in normally in response to other's action which u label as obstructive or interfering. > >>>> Life will never provide Warranties & Guarrantees (in fact absolutely N O GUARANTEE haa haa haa). It can provide possibilities & opportunities. Its up to us to convert them into lead a happy life.The best gift is
F O R G I V N E S S.

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