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Today, back to past

05.03.2009 06:05 EST
Today, I have to join some lesson out of school hours. Because the lesson start at 3.50 pm and me and my friend have arrive there at 2.30 pm, we're so bored, so we play a game whose name is petak jongkok, or tak jongkok (I don't know which is right) in Indonesia language. That is a children game which 1 person have to touch other player, but, the other player has to 'jongkok' (I'm sorry, I don't know the english word of that. That is a position like sit without chair). That's why the title today is: 'Back to the past' because I usually play that game when I was child. This game make my shirt wet because sweat, and rain fall at my place, make my head a little sick, so, see you next time. Good bye.
P.S.: Thank you for spend your time to read this.

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