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pavitra rishta

Pavitra rishta -thoughts

13.05.2010 14:56 EDT
Ok...this is not only for indian viewers and for the rest of the world too,let me give an introduction to the above topic. Pavitra rishta(english translation =blessed relationship) is an indian tv serial with the highest tv rating and it airs on zee network. The story of the serial is about a girl in the above picture named archana who comes from an indian marathi background family. She did not get the chance of higher education and only studied upto grade 8 to put her hand in managing her family. In the beginning of the serial we see her very young who helps her mother everyday in kitchen. She has two sisters and a grown up(married/established) brother. Though she lacks education,she appears to be very sexy and beautiful in the serial. Due to her lack of eduction her parents finds it very hard to find a husband to marry her. She is also made bad named by a man who played a trick and sent her to a prostitution saying that it is a night school. Then comes a character named manav deshmukh. He coincidentally saves her father from commiting suicide . Fed up with finding husbands for her her parents decides to give her marriage to manav who is car mechanic and comes from low background family,though he is very high in morals and a good hearted boy. Their marriage takes place. But in archanas sashural ,manav's mother tortures her and repeatedly orders archana for dowry and gold. Finally everything was going well when a misunderstanding took place ! . A man named ajit who is a relative to archanas family but a devil hypocrite tries to destroy manavs good image by persuing everyone that he had gone to red light sex area to mumbai. It is very unfortunate for archana as she did get and sex from manav as the two were planning to go for a honeymoom but everything got ruined. Archana goes back to his parents house and her parents prepare for a divorse. Meanwhile manav's brother sachin comes into the play. He falls in love with a girl named shravni who is the daughter of the owner of a big car repairing garriage where manav works. shravnis father is very loyal to manav and his family and agrees to give her marriage to sachin. He also offers money to sachin to apply for a scholarship for master degree education in england(uk) where wayne lives(xd).sachins plans that after marriage ,he and shravni will both go to uk and settle there. Sachin applies for the visa . Again comes a turning point...... To be continued......
Wait a minute let me guess what will happen next,i predict the man going to britain dies in some plane crash or some sort of accident & the girl might be pregnant before marriage...& comes the twister in the story right?
15.05.2010 00:48 EDT,
Don't worry wayne they are never gonna make it to Bransley.....
15.05.2010 00:41 EDT,
stay in your own damn country!,
14.05.2010 20:14 EDT,

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