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This is a story of my life which i experienced 8 yrs ago.Now i'm going to tell you all.Please comment on after reading.
FREE to write.I'll be very thankful.
When i was 17 once i went to a village of my relative's(cousine) uncle's house.It was summer vacation and we both decided to spend our summer somewhere but in our house or city.So as planned we started for the village early in the morning and reached there by noon.It was very hot,so we decided to take a bath.At that time there was no electricity in the village. There was a pond behind our house and it was not a big one.As it was late noon it was not a crowdy place at the bathing ghats.
Its banks & nearby area was very bushy and lots of big trees were there too. As we reached there we saw two boys were already bathing there.They were friends of my cousine,Raj.My cousine introduced me with them.One of them was Bishal & the other was Rabi.They were almost of the same age of my cousine(23-24).We also went into the water & did a lot of playing with water.After almost 1 & half an hour we came out of water.To my astonishment i saw Bishal & Rabi were completely naked and moreover they didn't
had any pubic hair,it was cleanly shaved.We were wearing towels. My cousine didn't bothered with this thing so i remained indefferent.When we reached home we chaned & i wore a bdrmuda and t-shirt.When lunch was served we took it with uncle & aunty in the veranda.After finishing our meal uncle called raj-da separately.When he returned he had a lungi in his hand & handed it to me.I said you know that i never wore a lungi & don't know how to wear it.I also asked that why he was asking me to wear a lungi.He
replied that uncle told him it is not preferable to wear a barmuda or half pant or anything like that in villages.So he gave him that lungi and had asked me through him to wear it.Now i had no other option but to wear that lungi. The problem was that i never wore a lungi in my entire life so i didn't knew the technich of wearing it.Seeing that my cousine who also was wearing lungi told me that he would help me in tying that lungi.After quiet some time & a lot of efforts i was able to wear a lungi but was
afraid of slipping it in front of others while walking.My cousine said so many people were wearing it for so many centuries,their lungies aren't slipping off while walking,even working so why on earth my piece would fall off.And moreover evening has a first day.So don't be worry & be calm,just to keep it mind it is not loose & it will be hanging from my waist.In the late afternoon of that day my cousine took me to a clubhouse cum gym where Bishal & Rabi were working out.I saw thex had good muscular physique
But instead of naked they now were in lungis that too folded in half.Raj-da asked me whether i was interested in doing some exercises 'cause he's gonna do do some.I had membership of a gym in my locality.So i agreed. We also did some exercises for about an hour.
Then we sat on a bench to take some rest.Rabi & Bishal too came to our bench to take rest.We started talking which went on & on.Then we played cards and spen a lot of time there.They had accdpted me as their friend although i was a lot younger than them.In the night we had given a room to sleep & only bed to share.After a lot of effort fighting with heat & mosquitos i slept.In the midnight i felt something touching my crotch and my lungi was lifted from the lower end.I didn't knew what it was & got scared.
So in panic i sit up with sudden jerking and found it was the hand of raj-da but he was fast asleep & snoring a little.Snoring is very irritating.Then ignoring the sound i slept at last for again that night.Early in the morning with some sound i woke up.I found my lungi was untied & my penis was uncovered.And much to my astonishment i saw raj-da's lungi was lying away in the ground and he was butt-naked.I didn't understand what the matter was but without thinking much i tied my lungi & woke him up.I said to
tie the lungi 'cause anyone can enter the room as it was already morning.By the way,he had good size,i mean penis. He was very ashamed of that incident & said not to say it to anybody.He also apoloziged me.I said no offence & it'd remain secret. Then we finished our breakfas and went to the clubhouse to do some workout.There the boys had already finished their workouts & were talkin in low voice between them.I didn't hear them.After we finished they got up & Bishal went to shut the door & Rabi took out
of shaving.After closing the door Bishal came & took off his lungi & became naked.Rabi then put foam on his pubic area & shaved.Then he turned around & rabi shaved his anal area.When finished rabi stripped & bishal shaved him both from front & behind. Then they asked us to be shaved.At first i was denying but when all the three insisted i agreed as because all of us were boys.We too get naked & bishal shaved raj-da & rabi shaved me.During shaving rabi was pressing my balls hard & lightly massaging my dick.I
said what are you doing.He replied that to shave cleanly he need to do these things.After sometime i was clean where i need to mean.Then he gave me a mirror to see.Seeing me naked along with three muscular boys & feeling the smoothnes i became horny.And my dick started to get hard.They all noticed it bu remained indifferent,at least pretended so.As my dick got hard they started chuckling & came to me.Suddenly they all came to me & started presing my balls & cock.All of a sudden i noticed they all were hard.
I found their eyes had a different spark-spark of lust & meanlyness.I started to get away but i couldn't run out as i was butt-naked as well as they were three.So they easily outnumbered & outstrengthed me.I had to surrender. Raj started to kiss me on my lips & one of the two who,i couldn't see started licking & sucking my balls.Then he started to suck my hard on.Then they started to suck my nipples.Rabi started to stroke me.After sometime it was unbearable & i said that i'm gonna cum.Bishal said no problem
.So rabi started stroking faster & harder.I squirted all over rabi's face,chest & hand.Rabi ate my semen by licking his hand & others ate by lickin his face & chest.Then Bishal cleaned my cock by lickin & sucking.In the mean time raj-da was there standing with bottle of oil in hand.All of them oiled their respectable weapons.After that rabi turned me & raj-da & bishal hold me by my hands tightly.Rabi oiled opening of my anus & pushed his finger inside me.It was really very painfull to me as it was the first

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