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Children have Wap Sites incl. Pics

02.04.2010 04:36 EDT
Is it just me? has any1 else noticed that more and more Kids useing these sites?? Its sick to c girls as young 12 takeing their kit off !!! Plz report these sites as its not rite ! Ty
Well... Iv maild sandy pep, marzus and sumbdy else askin them 2 make this site 18+. Makes me sick they dnt seem 2 care kidz postin nakd pics of themslvs and peados wankn ova them! And wat r ther parentz doin? Dnt they check wat ther kidz r doin on ther fones?
11.04.2010 08:13 EDT,
Why dont pep censor the stuff kids are putting on instead of putting adult material warning on. That only encourages pedos + other perverts. 18 age limit not fair to decent kids who are on here. Something has to be done + soon.
09.04.2010 14:07 EDT,
It frightens me i c a girl of 10 here. What sickens me most grown men leaving comments 4 these kids like 'u look sexy' or 'show us more'. Yes i have read them. Sick paedo's palace. Loads of people want changes here. Only pep can do it they allowed porn in.
08.04.2010 11:30 EDT,

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