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10.04.2010 09:05 EDT
If u have a daughter who is underage maybe 11 or 12 and u discover that she has opend up a site on the net where not only she poses nude she also has given out Detail abt herself including town and postcode ,how wud u react?? I wud go mental and wud contact the site provider !!! Due to no Agerestiction PeP invites Pedos onto these Sites its only a matter off Time till some1 gets hurt!! It needs to stop and now not later !! Pls let me know wot u think any support and comment needed Thank u x
I totally agree wiv filly. Parentz shld knw wat ther kydz r doing! Fink laptopz nd pcs shld only b usd in living rm. Put a block on ther mobile wap. That way ur child cnt even fink bwt thez fingz
13.04.2010 09:02 EDT,
How come no1 has left their opinions? Strange?? If it was my daughter (i only have a son) i would give her a spanking of her life, but see'ng thats not allowed i would punish her. Take her phone / pc away and ban her from the internet till she has "common sense"? Parents should know at all times what their kidz are up 2 especially in this sick world we'r living in!
11.04.2010 09:19 EDT,

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