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What does Love really mean?

27.04.2010 06:32 EDT
Hi to all my friends,Ive been thinking a lot abt the the word Love and the Meaning of the word !!! 
There are many Kinds off Love !! A Mother.s love to a Child , the Love for ur Friends ur Animals.. The 1 i want to know abt is the love to ur partner !! How u know its real?? What if u love some1 but ur love isnt returned ? Pls give me ur views in comments ty x
Love is all about feelings,wen there is no feelings,there cant b trust no is getting in return wat u is always in d eyes of d is strong,so it needs to b needs no needs to b (50% each)i have been cheated.wat i had was never love.
29.04.2010 10:55 EDT,
Hmm..I think, ` When You Love someone, it's nothing. When someone Loves you, It's something. When you Love Someone & they Love you back, It's Everything.` :) ¤ Rain AngeL ¤ .~.=.~.=.~.
I agree to all the points u've mentioned, love 4 kidz, friendr, pets the last 1 cannot comment on! sorry? :)
27.04.2010 15:34 EDT,

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