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14.07.2013 23:16 EDT
In this aticle am going to talk about Abortionin general. Abortion is when a foetus(baby) isbeing removed from a mothers womb and It isnot allowed to be peformed if the baby is 3month old in the womb. In some countries likemy country South Africa,abortion is legal andcan be perfomed by professional Doctors. Butsome teenage girls who want to keep theirpregnancy secret,the perfom abortion at theirhomes by drinking harmfull substances(liquidswith more cafeine, Stameta etc) to kill theirbabies,after a while the baby is dead in theirbody they will start experiencing pieces of thefoetus(baby) comming out of their vaginalopening with lots of blood. some get lucky andsurvive the abortion but 75% dont makeit,they die while practicing this unsafeabortion.:. Why should babies be killed anddumped into dust bins, wrapped in plasticbags and thrown away into the streets, whycant we keep this babies and give birth andtake them for adoption?. It is so unfair ourparents kept us but we cant keep the childrenwe are carrying. I say to those who thinkabout Doing abortion Please stop thinkingabout whose going to look after thebaby,what will your baby eat, what will he/shewear ,God has a reason for everything and hewill bless you also and you and your baby willlive long and happily ever after, that baby is adoctor,police man or a lawyer Please have alook at the above Photo and Think again if itwas you...For more info contact me @ 0761980911 ;m.facebook,com/mr.actual ; twitter@verger_1 ; mxit is 076 5260 273 . Thank you

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