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10.11.2010 00:04 EST
VILLA TEAM NEWS: VILLA'S injury crisis has worsened wiv da news tht STEVE SIDWELL wil b owt til CHRISTMAS, DA MIDFIELDER wil undago surgery on his ACHILLES TENDON n joins otha injured players NIGEL REO COKER(ANKLE), STILIYAN PETROV(KNEE), EMILE HESKEY(BACK), WILFRED BOUMA(BROKEN LEG), JOHN CAREW (VIRUS) on da sidelines however, ther was sum gud news wen we wer informed tht GABRIEL AGBONLAHOR wil b on da bench . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BLACKPOOL TEAM NEWS: BLACKPOOL r hopeful tht BRETT ORMEROD wil return frm a 2 match absence wiv a groin strain while, DEFENDER CRAIG CATHCART is ruled owt wiv a knee injury n needs a scan 2 determine da extent of da injury . . VILLA TEAM 4 2NITES GAME: FRIEDEL, L. YOUNG, DUNNE, COLLINS, WARNOCK, ALBRIGHTON, CLARKE, A.YOUNG, BANNON, DOWNING, DELFOUNSO, SUBS: GUZAN, LICHAJ, HOGG, IRELAND, AGBONLAHOR
1ST HALF MATCH REPORT: BLACKPOOL gets da 1st half undaway n put a long ball ova da top n win a corner which floated in 2 da box n was cleared 4 a throw then wiv VILLA unda pressure frm BLACKPOOL VILLA'S BARRY BANNON wins da ball n givs it 2 KIERRAN CLARKE who storms 2wards goal on da counter attack n is brought down 4 a freekick which is wasted n comes 2 nuffink 2 minutes l8r BLACKPOOL'S OMEROD on da run down da wing 2 da byline n crosses 2 da far post 2 MARLON HAREWOOD n da EX VILLA STRIKER scuffs his shot wide VILLA lose da ball in midfield n BLACKPOOL pour forward wiv PHILLIPS runnin @ WARNOCK n strikes a wild shot well ova da bar 2minutes l8r BLACKPOOL knock da ball around neatly in defense n VILLA put pressure on em n MARC ALBRIGHTON steals da ball n runs 2wards goal n strikes his shot just wide moments l8r MARC ALBRIGHTON runs down da wing again n crosses 2 da near post n it goes owt 4 a corner which is taken by ASHLEY YOUNG 2 da far post bt his shot eventualy goes ova da bar @ da 2nd attempt VILLA hav da ball n start 2 move da ball around fairly quickly lookin 2 open up da BLACKPOOL DEFENSE bt giv da ball away n counter attack n win a freekick in a dangerous position bt da freekick is well ova da bar then a VILLA throw in 2 BARRY BANNON who givs it NATHAN DELFOUNSO who flicks it thru da BLACKPOOL DEFENSE 2 LUKE YOUNG who rushes thru n shots ova da bar frm a tite angle 2 minutes l8r BLACKPOOL hav da ball knockin it around lookin 4 an openin n end up winnin a corner taken by CARNEY n its cleared only as far as SYLVESTRE who plays in MARLON HAREWOOD who beats da offside trap n runs in2 da box bt LUKE YOUNG makes a superb last gasp slidin tackle n VILLA get da ball away moments l8r VILLA charge down da wing wiv ASHLEY YOUNG who slides da ball 2 da edge of da box n STUART DOWNIN who strikes a vicious right footed 1st time shot which takes a slight deflection off a BLACKPOOL DEFENDER n flys in2 da net 2 giv VILLA DA LEAD on 32minutes BLACKPOOL push forward lookin 4 an equaliser bt VILLA hold strong wiv RICHARD DUNNE smashin da ball away up field 2 KIERRAN CLARKE who battles away 2 get da ball 2 NATHAN DELFOUNSO who givs it owt wide 2 ASHLEY YOUNG who is brought down for a freekick n its taken quickly 2 DOWNIN who crosses 2 ALBRIGHTON whos shot is parried away n BLACKPOOL go on da break bt VILLA survive n counter attack n afta a scuffle in da middle of da park n VILLA's KIERRAN CLARKE ends up foulin BLACKPOOL'S BRET OMEROD n gets a yellow card as halftime approaches thers an underlyin edge 2 da game wiv sum nigglin tackles flyin in frm both sides which da ref has let slide n wiv BLACKPOOL havin had da better play VILLA stil hold a slender lead wiv sum dogged defendin wiv tackles flyin in evrywher n then BLACKPOOL'S MARLON HAREWOOD escapes da offside trap n races thru in on goal n slots it neatly unda BRAD FRIEDEL 4 da equalisin goal on 45minutes BLACKPOOL put serious pressure on VILLA in injury time n win a corner which comes 2 nuffink n da ref blows da halftime whistle
2ND HALF MATCH REPORT: VILLA gets da 2nd half undaway n immediately go on da attack wiv ASHLEY YOUNG who shoots n his shot is almost turned in2 his own net by da BLACKPOOL KEEPER n goes owt 4 a corner which is taken by ASHLEY YOUNG 2 da far post 2 RICHARD DUNNE whos header flies across da face of goal 4 anotha corner again taken by ASHLEY YOUNG who finds JAMES COLLINS n his bullet header is cleared off da line n BLACKPOOL break n win a corner which VILLA deal wiv comfortably BLACKPOOL cum on da attack knockin da ball around n its stolen by BARRY BANNON n gets da ball up 2 NATHAN DELFOUNSO who wins a corner which is taken by STUART DOWNIN 2 da far post n RICHARD DUNNE's header clashes off da bar moments l8r ASHLEY YOUNG chases a long ball n crosses in2 da box 2 NATHAN DELFOUNSO who hits it 1st time in2 da net bt da ref wrongly disallows 4 a foul VILLA put severe pressure pinnin BLACKPOOL in ther own half n a beauty of a one two passin move btween ASHLEY YOUNG N BARRY BANNON puts ASHLEY YOUNG in on goal who puts his shot across da face of da goal moments l8r VILLA r on da attack wiv ASHLEY YOUNG drivin in2 BLACKPOOL'S half who puts NATHAN DELFOUNSO thru on goal who is 1 on 1 n he slots home 2 giv VILLA da lead on 60mins wiv VILLA startin 2 run riot wiv attack afta attack MARC ALBRIGHTON runnin in2 da box n is brought down n da whole stadium erupts wiv cries 4 a penalty bt da ref says play on (VILLA SUBSTITUTION: NATHAN DELFOUNSO OFF GABRIEL AGBONLAHOR ON) five minutes l8r VILLA win a freekick in a dangerous position which cums 2 nuffink (BLACKPOOL MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: EUELL OFF ADAM ON) afta a short delay afta BLACKPOOL DEFENDER KANEN is injured VILLA go on da attack wiv STUART DOWNIN who flies down da wing n puts a cross in2 da box n its cleared n BLACKPOOL win a freekick which deflects off da wall 4 a corner taken by SYLVESTRE 2 EDWARDS whos free header goes well wide VILLA'S MARC ALBRIGHTON runs down da wing flyin passed BLACKPOOL DEFENDERS n runs in2 da box n his curlin shot goes wide of da far post (BLACKPOOL MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: MARLON HAREWOOD OFF DJ CAMPBELL ON) BLACKPOOL go on da attack wiv ADAM who skips passed STEPHEN WARNOCK n wins a corner n VILLA clear it n go on da counter attack wiv STUART DOWNIN who goes down da wing n crosses 2 da far post 2 an unmarked MARC ALBRIGHTON whos 1st time shot is scuffed wide wen da goal was @ his mercy (VILLA MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: MARC ALBRIGHTON OFF STEPHEN IRELAND ON) VILLA knock it around neatly n da ball ends up wiv ASHLEY YOUNG on da edge of da box whos left footed strike goes inches ova da bar wiv 5mins 2 go BLACKPOOL lose da ball n STEPHEN IRELAND tries 2 put DOWNIN in bt DOWNIN is caught offside moments l8r BLACKPOOL wiv sum crisp passin n DJ CAMPBELL gets da ball in da VILLA box who turns n shoots n his strike finds da back of da net 4 da equaliser on 87mins moments l8r VILLA win a corner taken by STUART DOWNIN on2 da head of JAMES COLLINS who fires it home 2 giv VILLA da lead 4 da 3rd time in da game on 88mins wiv time runnin owt BLACKPOOL win a freekick n put VILLA unda pressure lookin 2 equalise again n VILLA n hav evry player defendin n keepin em @ bay (VILLA MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: BARRY BANNON OFF ERIC LICHAJ ON) 30 SECONDS 2 GO BLACKPOOL put even mre pressure on VILLA who r defendin wiv evry player da BARMY ARMY VILLA FANS callin 4 da final whistle n its blown by da ref n VILLA claim da points
MY THOUGHTS: wher 2 begin 1stly finaly 3 points afta wot was a very tense affair in which twice da CLARET N BLUES lead n wer pegged back by an ex villa player (harewood) n an ex blues player (dj campbell) n afta da 3rd goal by james collins we actually finaly held on 2 claim da points bowt time n al . . . @ times durin this game our defendin was left lookin like idiots bt thank fk we got da goals n showed sum true spirit 2 claim da points bt it shudnt hav bn like tht if da ref who was a bit of a muppet hadnt disallowed a legitament goal by DELFOUNSO n had given wot was a stone cold penalty wen ALBRIGHTON was brought down dnt get me wrong im happy wiv da win n it was gr8 2 c AGBONLAHOR make his cumback howeva we shud neva hav given BLACKPOOL da time n space 2 get a sniff @ our goal oh da ups n downs of bein a BARMY ARMY VILLA FAN 3 MUCH NEEDED POINTS, GABBY BACK FRM INJURY, DELFOUNSO GETS A GOAL OH HAPPY DAYS lol al eyes now fall on da wkend fixture of MAN UTD CUM ON VILLA!
jesus. that was hard work. 3 points at last. good stuff m8
10.11.2010 18:49 EST,
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