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26.11.2010 17:41 EST
ASTON VILLA TEAM NEWS: injury plagued VILLA r bolstered by da return of STRIKER JOHN CAREW N DEFENDER JAMES COLLINS frm calf injuries however, GABBY AGBONLAHOR (ILLNESS) N JONATHAN HOGG (ANKLE) r doubts n MARC ALBRIGHTON is unavailable for a month after an operation midweek 2 remove his appendix so EX ARSENAL VETERAN WINGER ROBERT PIRES cud make his full 1st team debut against his former team . . . . . . . ARSENAL TEAM NEWS: ARSENAL CAPTAIN CESC FABREGAS N EMMANUEL EBOUE r both sidelined wiv respective hamstring n knee problems however, MANUEL ALMUNIA is fit after a 2month lay off while, GAEL CLICHY shud overcum a back complaint
1ST HALF MATCH REPORT: VILLA get da game undaway knockin da ball around n suddenly giv da ball away n ARSENAL'S ARSHAVIN races in2 da box lookin dangerous n jst as hes bowt 2 strike across cums RICHARD DUNNE who gets it away n ARSENAL regain da ball n knock it around quickly n sharpley n put VILLA unda severe pressure lookin 2 unlock da VILLA DEFENSE who r battlin hard 2 keep em @ bay n then a gud move by ARSENAL'S ROSICKY N WILTSHIRE puts ROSICKY on da edge of da VILLA BOX who shoots n his shot goes just wide of da post 4 minutes l8r a poor back pass by an ARSENAL DEFENDER givs da ball 2 VILLA'S ROBERT PIRES n he races 2wards da ARSENAL PENALTY BOX n his thru ball 2 JOHN CAREW ends wiv CAREW bein a yard offside moments l8r ARSENAL win a corner afta a quick counter attack which ends up bein cleared n VILLA break themselves n win ther own corner n VILLA pressurise bt da ball goes owt 4 a goal kick 3minutes l8r ARSENAL r knockin it around neatly bt VILLA win da ball back n go on da attack bt lose da ball n ARSENAL go on da attack again passin it around sharply n quickly wiv GAEL CLICHY gettin 2 da byline n his cross deflected 4 a corner which is taken quickly by WILTSHIRE 2 ROSICKY on edge of da box who plays in ARSHAVIN who after a bit of skill goes down n da ref goes owt 4 a goal kick moments l8r VILLA'S STUART DOWNIN gets a gud cross in2 da ARSENAL PENALTY AREA wher CIARAN CLARKE flicks it 2 da far post n finds ASHLEY YOUNG n wiv da goal @ his mercy puts da ball ova da bar frm 3 yards 2 minutes l8r ARSENAL go on da attack puttin real pressure on da VILLA DEFENSE n win a corner which da DEFENSE get it away only 4 a throw in 4 ARSENAL deep inside da VILLA area wiv ARSENAL pinnin VILLA in ther own half who r battlin hard 2 keep ARSENAL @ bay who r continuin 2 pressurise VILLA n ARSENAL'S ROSICKY unleashes a vicious strike which deflects off RICHARD DUNNE 4 a corner 2 ARSENAL taken by WILTSHIRE which is cleared by RICHARD DUNNE n ASHLEY YOUNG battles away wiv ARSENAL'S SONG n da VILLA MAN loses da ball n ARSENAL cum on da attack again bt VILLA win da ball back n counter attack wiv BARRY BANNON playin a beautiful ball 2 find STEPHEN WARNOCK who gets 2 da ARSENAL byline n crosses n it takes a deflection away n ARSENAL clear upfield wher a DEFENSIVE mix up by JAMES COLLINS N LUKE YOUNG puts ARSENAL'S ARSHAVIN in on goal n he races in2 da penalty area cuttin in frm da left hand side n slots it passed BRAD FRIEDEL in2 da back of da net 2 get ARSENAL da lead on 40mins moments l8r ARSENAL'S ARSHAVIN puts NASRI thru in on goal n he goes round BRAD FRIEDEL n puts his shot in2 da side nettin 2minutes l8r ARSENAL win a corner taken by ARSHAVIN who plays it 2 NASRI on da edge of da box who unleashes a vicious strike n it flies in 2 da back of da net afta a slight deflection 2 double da ARSENAL lead on 45minutes n da halftime whistle goes
2ND HALF MATCH REPORT: (SUBSTITUTION 4 VILLA: ROBERT PIRES OFF NATHAN DELFOUNSO ON N VILLA CHANGE FORMATION FRM 4-5-1 TO 4-4-2) ARSENAL get da 2nd half undaway n VILLA cum owt al guns blazin puttin ARSENAL under pressure lookin 2 get a goal back as da lads in CLARET N BLUE giv it evrythink pinnin ARSENAL in ther own half wiv ASHLEY YOUNG gettin in2 da penalty box n crosses in2 da DELFOUNSO bt his strike is blocked n its deflected only as far as VILLA'S CIARAN CLARKE on da edge of da box who chests it neatly lettin it bounce once n fires it in2 da top corner 2 pull a goal back 4 VILLA on 52minutes 4 minutes l8r wiv ARSENAL on da counter attack n ARSHAVIN puts CHAMAKH in on goal who pokes it passed BRAD FRIEDEL 2 double ARSENAL'S LEAD on 56 mintues n ARSENAL start 2 knock da ball around wiv sum 1 touch football lookin comfortable n VILLA lookin rattled bt VILLA start 2 battle away again n attempt 2 get back in2 da game bt lose da ball n ARSENAL knock it around wiv ease playin keep ball pinnin VILLA in ther own half bt VILLA win da ball back n DOWNIN gets da ball up 2 NATHAN DELFOUNSO bt he loses it (VILLA MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: JOHN CAREW OFF STEPHEN IRELAND ON n change formation back to 4-5-1) moments l8r VILLA pile on da pressure gettin da ball in2 da ARSENAL PENALTY BOX n ASHLEY YOUNG pulls it back 2 CIARAN CLARKE who strikes n his shot hits da side nettin 4 a corner taken by ASHLEY YOUNG 2 da far post 2 RICHARD DUNNE who heads across da face of goal 2 CIARAN CLARKE whos header hits da underside of da ball n goes in2 da net 2 put VILLA back in da game on 68minutes wiv 14 minutes 2 go VILLA win a freekick jst inside da ARSENAL half of da pitch n its taken by STEPHEN WARNOCK who puts it in2 da penalty area 2 RICHARD DUNNE who heads it 2wards goal n ARSENAL'S GOALKEEPER plucks it owt da air jst as it was bowt 2 fall 2 DELFOUNSO moments l8r VILLA win anotha free kick as JAMES COLLINS limpin badly da length of da pitch as da freekick is taken by STEPHEN WARNOCK who finds JAMES COLLINS who heads it off an ARSENAL DEFENDER 4 a corner which is taken by ASHLEY YOUNG 2 da far post n a flyin header by RICHARD DUNNE is saved by da ARSENAL KEEPER (VILLA MAKE THER FINAL SUBSTITUTION BARRY BANNON OFF CHRIS HEARD ON) wiv time runnin owt VILLA giv it evrythink throwin da proverbual kitchen sink @ ARSENAL n push RICHARD DUNNE up front pinnin ARSENAL in ther own half lookin 2 get an equaliser n da ball is launched up 2wards RICHARD DUNNE who wins a throw in 4 VILLA wiv only 4minutes stoppage time bt ARSENAL win da ball n try 2 keep da ball bt VILLA win it back n launch it 4ward 2 RICHARD DUNNE bt ARSENAL win da ball back who break quickly n get up 2 da VILLA BOX out numberin da VILLA DEFENSE da ball falls 2 JACK WILTSHIRE who givs it 2 GIBBS n he slots it home 2 win da match 4 ARSENAL as da ref blows da final whistle
MY THOUGHTS: rite ere is how i saw it 2day the 1st half da lads in claret n blue wer very poor not 1 pass went 2 da rite person n we got punished by stupid defensive blunders takin nuffink away frm arsenal they played 2 ther strengths n passed da ball around smartly n effectively n totaly owtplayed VILLA n da 2nd half we made a quick start by pullin a goal back wiv a beauty of a goal by youngster CIARAN CLARK bt da defensive blunders took ther toll again n despite a spirited fight back which CLARK got his 2nd goal in claret n blue bt houllier who changed 2 a 4-4-2 formation which led 2 da spirited fight back then decided 2 got back to a 4-5-1 which was a step back in my eyes n then wiv only a few minutes remainin pushed RICHARD DUNNE up front a move that left VILLA exposed @ da back especialy wiv JAMES COLLINS (who was playin da last 10minutes wiv wot looked like a reacurrance of his thigh injury) not very mobile n thus wen ARSENAL did counter attack in stoppage time they met little resistance n put the game beyond VILLA 2 da dismay of da VILLA FAITHFUL n thus VILLA'S unbeaten home record this season gets thrown owt da window enuff said all eyes fall on da MIDWEEK WEST MIDLANDS DERBY GRUDGE MATCH IN DA CARLIN CUP QUARTER FINAL @ ST ANDREWS

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