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10.12.2010 13:33 EST
VILLA TEAM NEWS: ASTON VILLA r strengthened by the return from suspension of ASHLEY YOUNG but, MIDFIELD YOUNGSTER CIARAN CLARK serves a 1 match ban 4 accumulating 5 bookings wiv his 5th yellow card of the season against LIVERPOOL last MONDAY however, STRIKER EMILE HESKEY N MIDFIELDER BARRY BANNON hav both recovered from injury 2 help boost the 1st team but, GABBY AGBONLAHOR(ILLNESS) N LUKE YOUNG(GROIN) r doubtfull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WEST BROM TEAM NEWS: WEST BROM'S LEADING SCORER PETER ODEMWINGIE N MIDFIELDER CHRIS BRUNT r doubts wiv groin injuries however, MIDFIELDER YOUSSOUF MULUMBU is available after serving a suspension . . . . . . . .
1ST HALF MATCH REPORT: VILLA get da 1st half undaway n immediately VILLA put pressure on WEST BROM wiv sum gud approach play keepin da ball in da WEST BROM half bt WEST BROM deal wiv it n then get da ball up da otha end n win a corner n afta da ball zips across da box VILLA counters wiv MARC ALBRIGHTON runnin passed WEST BROM DEFENDERS bt ALBRIGHTON does 2 much n loses da ball wen he was in a dangerous position 2minutes l8r WEST BROM win a corner which BRUNT takes bt CARLOS CUELLAR deals wiv n VILLA gets da ball n counter attack wiv JONATHAN HOGG who plays in EMILE HESKEY who wins a corner bt da corner cums 2 nothin moments l8r VILLA r playin da ball around neatly at a high tempo puttin pressure on WEST BROM n a thru ball by BARRY BANNON 4 STEPHEN WARNOCK jst miss times his run n is caught offside VILLA keeps up da pressure pinnin WEST BROM in ther own half bt WEST BROM eventually manage 2 get da ball n counter attack down VILLA'S rite hand side n a thru ball by BRUNT puts THOMAS in who shoots 1st time n his strike goes wide of da left hand post then moments l8r VILLA'S STUART DOWNIN crosses in2 da WEST BROM N EMILE HESKEY who heads in wide of da far post moments l8r WEST BROMS CHOI turns LIHAJI inside owt n curls a raspin shot which smashes off da crossbar n VILLA get da ball away frm danger 4 a WEST BROM corner which VILLA deal wiv n get it up 2 ASHLEY YOUNG who takes on da WEST BROM DEFENSE n givs it MARC ALBRIGHTON who crosses superbly 2 da far post 2 STUART DOWNIN who smashes da ball in2 da net 2 giv VILLA da lead on 25minutes WEST BROM look 2 get back in da game wiv sum pressure bt VILLA look strong n get da ball back n counter attack quickly n dangerous wiv STUART DOWNIN who givs it 2 BARRY BANNON who gets in2 da WEST BROM box n attempts 2 curl 1 bt his strike goes miles wide of da post then a few minutes l8r VILLA'S MARC ALBRIGHTON takes on WEST BROM'S SHARNER n wins a corner bt WEST BROM manage 2 get da ball away wiv halftime approachin WEST BROM win a corner n VILLA gets it away bt WEST BROM get da ball back n keep pressurisin VILLA who r holdin strong in this ding dong end to end no holds barred high tempo typical derby clash as da halftime whistle goes
2ND HALF MATCH REPORT: wiv VILLA now attackin da WORLD FAMOUS HOLTE END HOME OF DA CLARET N BLUE BARMY ARMY SUPPORTERS, WEST BROM get da 2nd half unda way who launch a long ball ova da top n giv da ball away 2 VILLA who win a freekick afta a foul by WEST BROM'S SHARNER on ASHLEY YOUNG who looks 2 hav injured his ankle as ASHLEY stays down 2 recieve treatment n eventually da freekick is taken n VILLA pass it around bt giv da ball away n afta a few minutes of patchy play by both teams VILLA get da ball n start 2 paitently build up n suddenly a thru ball by BANNON looks 2 hav put ASHLEY YOUNG in on goal bt up goes da offside flag then moments l8r VILLA counter attack quickly wiv STUART DOWNIN whippin da ball in2 da box n an in rushin MARC ALBRIGHTON who just fails 2 connect cleanly n his shot fizzes past da post then moments l8r WEST BROM'S JAMES MORRISON gets a shot away on da VILLA goal n his strike hits off da post n VILLA break n win a corner n it wasnt da best of crosses by ASHLEY YOUNG as WEST BROM get da ball away bt then HESKEY pounces on a defensive mistake by WEST BROM bt SCOTT CARSON makes a gud save 2 deny da VILLA STRIKER 3minutes l8r VILLA r puttin WEST BROM unda severe pressure winnin freekick afta freekick n keepin WEST BROM in ther own half n eventually WEST BROM get da ball n try 2 get back in da game bt VILLA r playin 2getha as a team n r battlin 4 every ball not givin WEST BROM any time on da ball soakin up da WEST BROM pressure n counter attack wiv pace as ASHLEY YOUNG races ova da halfway line n puts a beauty of a ball thru 4 EMILE HESKEY who 1st touch lets him down wiv da goal @ his mercy n WEST BROM try 2 counter attack bt VILLA get da ball back n get da ball up da field n away frm danger n win a throw in (VILLA MAKE A SUBSTITUTION BARRY BANNON OFF NIGEL REO COKER ON) n da throw is eventualy wasted n da ball gets cleared moments l8r WEST BROM win a corner (WEST BROM MAKE A SUBSTITUTION JAMES MORRISON OFF ISMAIL MILLER ON) which VILLA comfortable deal wiv n get da ball up 2 ASHLEY YOUNG who wins a freekick n its sent in2 da box n afta an appeal 4 handball which da ref dismisses VILLA win a corner which is taken by ASHLEY YOUNG which ends up back wiv ASHLEY YOUNG who switches a long ball 2 MARC ALBRIGHTON who crosses 2 EMILE HESKEY who steers da ball in2 da net 2 double VILLA'S LEAD on 80minutes moments l8r wiv VILLA runnin riot da ball is played in2 da box again by MARC ALBRIGHTON 2 STUART DOWNIN whos 1st time strike goes passed da far post (VILLA MAKE A SUBSTITUTION EMILE HESKEY OFF NATHAN DELFOUNSO ON) then 2 minutes l8r WEST BROM win a corner which is dealt wiv neatly n VILLA get it away n win a freekick (WEST BROM MAKE A SUBSTITUTION FORTUNE OFF SIMON COX ON) n da freekick cums 2 nothink as VILLA look comfortable keepin WEST BROM in ther own half (WEST BROM MAKE A SUBSTITUTION REID OFF JIARRA ON) n WEST BROM manage 2 win a corner owt of nowhere which is taken by BRUNT in2 da box n PAUL SHARNER heads it in2 da back of da net 2 pull an unexpected goal back 4 WEST BROM on 90minutes n as da game goes in2 stoppage time WEST BROM r throwin evrythink @ VILLA who r defendin wiv evry player bhind da ball (VILLA MAKE A SUBSTITUTION MARC ALBRIGHTON OFF CHRIS HEARD ON) keepin WEST BROM @ bay wiv bodies get in front of da ball as WEST BROM launch da ball in2 da box but da final whistle goes n VILLA get da points
MY THOUGHTS: YES OH YES thats da VILLA i kno n love da whole team played ther parts magnificently n showed how gud they realy r wiv a superb performance especially wiv EMILE HESKEY who returned 2 da VILLA side n put in a man of da match performance n showed wot VILLA wer missin up front n MARC ALBRIGHTON who was again a terror n supplied da balls that gav VILLA da victory n i jst like 2 say that bringin in CARLOS CUELLAR in2 da back 4 was needed n he made da defense look stronga n gav da team confidence 2 push forward n it showed as VILLA looked like they wanted it more not jst 4 themselves bt 4 da superb fans who gav da lads a much deserved standin ovation @ da end n i 4 one am so pleased 2 c how gud DA VILLA played 2day COME ON :D

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