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25.12.2010 15:13 EST
ASTON VILLA TEAM NEWS: TEAM CAPTAIN ASHLEY YOUNG is a doubt for this BOXING DAY CLASH because of knee n ankle injuries while, MIDFIELDERS STILIYAN PETROV N FABIAN DELPH r back in FULL TRAININ after lengthy lay-offs n have an outside chance of bein involved . . TOTTENHAM TEAM NEWS: MIDFIELDERS JERMAINE JENAS, YOUNES KABOUL N RAFAEL VAN DER VAART r al expected to return injury while WILLIAM GALLAS faces a fitness test on his hamstring problem however, LEDLEY KING is stil not fully fit
1ST HALF MATCH REPORT: VILLA get da game undaway knockin it around playin keep ball n VILLA win a freekick which is taken by ERIC LIHADJI who floats it in2 da SPURS box n JAMES COLLINS flicks it on 2 find MARC ALBRIGHTON whos 1st time shot is parried away moments l8r da ball is sent back in2 da box n AGBONLAHOR's header which goes in2 da arms of da SPURS KEEPER moments l8r SPURS r on da attack playin intricate 1 touch passin n it puts JERMAINE DEFOE in on goal n owt races BRAD FRIEDEL 2 make a superb save 3minutes l8r a long ball by CARLOS CUELLAR finds MARC ALBRIGHTON who crosses 1st time n finds EMILE HESKEY who is clattered in2 by SPURS KEEPER n is brought down bt da ref says play on moments l8r SPURS break quickly bt VILLA defend strongly n manage 2 get a goal kick after sum gud defensive pressure by ERIC LIHADJI moments l8r VILLAS MARC ALBRIGHTON turns da SPURS left back inside owt n crosses bt its only half cleared 2 HESKEY who givs it 2 AGBONLAHOR n he plays in DOWNIN who races in2 da box n shoots tamein in2 da SPURS KEEPERS ARMS moments l8r a SPURS FREEKICK BY VAN DER VAART is floated high 2 da far post n HUTTON heads it across da goal n DEFOE slams it home bt da flag goes up 4 a goal kick moments l8r VILLA'S HESKEY plays in AGBONLAHOR who races in2 da box n shoots n it gets blocked by SPURS KEEPERS LEGS n AGBONLAHOR gets 2 da rebound n attempts a header bt GOMEZ gets his hand 2 it 2 keep da ball owt a few moments l8r ALBRIGHTON gets in behind da SPURS defense n races in2 da box n gets a shot away bt GOMEZ makes da save moments l8r SPURS on da attack n a wide ball owt 2 HUTTON who is in acres of space puts a sublime cross 2 VAN DER VAART who side foots it in2 da back of da net 2 giv SPURS da lead on 21minutes 4minutes l8r SPURS STRIKER JERMAINE DEFOE is sent off afta jumpin up n elbowin VILLA'S JAMES COLLINS in da face n da ref produces da red card n SPURS r down to 10men VILLA put severe pressure against SPURS lookin 2 get an equaliser wiv wave afta wave of attackin football pinnin SPURS in ther own half n VILLA win a freekick which cums 2 nuffink bt VILLA get da ball back only 2 lose da ball n givin away a freekick which is dealt wiv n VILLA break n they put pressure on SPURS once again keepin da ball n gettin it 2 DOWNIN who plays a one-two wiv AGBONLAHOR n DOWNIN gets a shot away which goes wide of da goal (VILLA MAKE A SUBSTITUTION DUE 2 AN INJURY: EMILE HESKEY OFF NATHAN DELFOUNSO ON) as halftime approaches VILLA tryin 2 make da extra man count by puttin SPURS under pressure wiv HOGG playin a beauty of a long ball 2 NATHAN DELFOUNSO who uses his pace 2 chase down da ball n win a throw in which is cleared n SPURS try 2 play keep ball n break quickly bt VILLA get da ball away n SPURS keep hold of da ball bt lose it n MARC ALBRIGHTON gets it on da edge of da SPURS box bt it cums 2 nuffink n da half time whistle goes
2ND HALF MATCH REPORT: (VILLA MAKE A SUBSTITUTION JONATHAN HOGG OFF STILIYAN PETROV ON) 10 MAN SPURS get da 2nd half undaway wiv VILLA now attackin da WORLD FAMOUS HOLTE END n immediately VILLA go on da attack wiv DOWNING playin da ball down da line 4 LIHADJI 2 chase n his cross almost finds AGBONLAHOR bt its cut owt n cleared by SPURS who try n play keep ball bt lose da ball 2 PETROV who plays it 2 ALBRIGHTON n he wins a corner which is taken by ALBRIGHTON 2 near post n STILIYAN PETROV who heads it 2wards goal bt his header is cleared off da line n cleared away only 4 VILLA 2 get da ball back n LIHADJI who plays it 2 DOWNIN who then plays it neatly thru 4 DELFOUNSO who shoots 1st time n da SPURS KEEPER makes a gud save a few moments l8r wiv SPURS on da ball wiv VAN DER VAART win a freekick afta FABIAN DELPH concedes da foul which comes 2 nuffink n VILLA get da ball up da field n win a corner n afta a bit of ping pongin frm da ball afta a decent cross by DOWNIN finds CARLOS CUELLAR whose header goes wide 4 a goal kick wiv SPURS playin real deep VILLA havin most of da possesion a sweet ball by DOWNIN 2 DELFOUNSO on da edge of da box turns neatly n shoots 2 win anotha VILLA corner which is only half cleared by SPURS n it falls 2 DOWNIN in acres of space n crosses superbly 2 da far post n CARLOS CUELLAR whos header goes high ova da bar moments l8r SPURS get da ball up da otha end 4 a corner bt VILLA win da ball back n put severe pressure wiv DELFOUNSO who plays it 2 DOWNIN bt he loses da ball 2 GARETH BALE who goes on a lightenin break of a run 4 SPURS who finds AARON LENNON in acres of space n plays it in2 da box 2 VAN DER VAART who side foots it 1st time in2 da back of da net 2 giv SPURS da 2nd goal on 75minutes moments l8r AARON LENNON goes on a run in2 da VILLA box n wins a corner 4 SPURS which is cleared n VILLA get da ball away afta a bit of battlin midfield play VILLA put severe pressure on SPURS n win a corner n afta alot of half clearences VILLA win a freekick (VILLA MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: FABIAN DELPH OFF ROBERT PIRES ON ) (SPURS MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: VAN DER VAART OFF PETER CROUCH ON) DOWNIN takes da freekick bt its cleared n VILLA get da ball back n continue 2 pressurise wiv AGBONLAHOR on da edge of da box who turns n shoots which is turned away 4 a corner taken by DOWNIN N DA SPURS KEEPER GOMEZ punches away only as far as LIHADJI who half volleys 2wards goal n JAMES COLLINS tries 2 flick it on bt it goes inches wide moments l8r VILLA get a freekick taken by PETROV which is only half cleared 2 PIRES who plays it 2 DOWNIN as VILLA keep da pressure up lookin desperately 2 get a goal back n VILLA'S AGBONLAHOR does a gud run in2 da left hand side of da box n crosses which is only half cleared 2 ALBRIGHTON who takes on AARON LENNON n his cross cum shot goes in2 da back of da net on 80minutes 2 pull a goal back 4 VILLA n now VILLA r lifted n put even mre pressure on a very tired lookin SPURS side n DOWNIN finds PIRES who tees up PETROV on da edge of da box who shoots n his half volley goes ova da bar a few seconds l8r VILLA on da attack again n SPUR'S MODRIC tries 2 go on a counter attack runnin ova da halfway line n wins a freekick which is taken by BALE n his shot goes just wide of da post (SPURS MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: HUTTON OFF JENAS ON) VILLA continue 2 pressurise SPURS n win a freekick which comes 2 nuffink as da game goes in2 4minutes injury time VILLA r keepin up da pressure wiv DOWNIN who crosses 2 PETROV who doesnt connect properly n then AGBONLAHOR whos shot trickles in2 da KEEPERS arms moments l8r WARNOCK lobs 1 in2 da box n finds LIHADJI who shoots in2 da side nettin moments l8r PIRES long ball 2 JAMES COLLINS racin in2 da box n GOMEZ makes a gud save wiv only seconds remainin VILLA throwin evrythink @ SPURS bt time runs owt n da ref blows da final whistle
MY THOUGHTS: wher 2 begin rite 1stly wtf is HOULLIER DOIN he doesnt hav a fkn clue i mean y da fk he started wiv FABIAN DELPH a player who has been owt wiv cruciate ligament injury 4 ova 8 months n startin him against a gud quality midfield that SPURS hav n it showed even wen SPURS deservedly down to 10men afta DEFOE'S DIRTY CHALLENGE on COLLINS ya cud c SPURS gettin a 2nd goal da way they did n altho we had a massiv effort 2wards da end of da game we shudve took control of da game n took it 2 SPURS n i 4 one am real incensed by HOULLIER'S poor decisions n team management which has alot 2 b desired n we seriously hav 2 ask is it time 4 VILLA 2 find a different manager as he clearly doesnt hav a clue wot VILLA r abowt n now u also hav 2 ask wot RANDY LERNER is doin 2 our gr8 team n now afta this game we hav 2 look @ a difficult season in a relegation battle which is a complete change frm last season when we wer ridin high in da league so its time 2 say gud bye 2 GERARD HOULLIER N LETS GET IN A MANAGER THAT CAN TAKE US FORWARD ONCE AGAIN ENUFF SAID!
Have a good new year bud. UP THE VILLA
26.12.2010 10:41 EST,

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