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∫∫♥̉∫∫Vαlεитιиε Dαy Sмs∫∫♥̉∫∫

_ _ _ _ ! :': ! :': ! _ _ _ _
!:':! !:':!

On Valentines Day we think
about those matchleness people
who Give extra meaning to our
lives... The very special few.
without them, skies would turn
to gray, things woldn't be as
colorful, it would be a duller
Game And when I Contemplate
that group--Friends and family
who are mine, I appreciate and
treasure you, youre essential,
_ _ _ _ _ _

Fond thoughts are Coming your
way weve always had a special
Connection, So Happy v day !
_ _ _ _ _ _

Whereve I May goOn Valentines
day Id like to say I Care more
than you know.
_ _ _ _ _ _

Though I May not be yours, And
i may in my ignorance, Be
speaking to closed doors. i have
no linkling of your heart, No
hint what you might say But
When i think of you the sun will
just not go away, there is in
you a loveliness that makes
my darkness shine, And so
ill wait, if wait, Must, to be
your Valentine.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Be my Valentine, My love, As
i will be for you And we will love
the whole day long, And love our
whole lives through. For love has
no parameters And does not
end with time, But is the gift of
paradise, A pinch of the
sumblime. So let us take this
holiday to resubmut our love
to those within that know no
sin and with the angels move.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

I love you more today than i did
yesterday But not as much as
i will tomorrow.
Happy Valentine Day.
_ _ _ _ _ _

I searhed through books &
leafed through Cards, For words
that would Convey, what i had
I my heart, But when I sat down
to write, all I can write was...
I Luv u! Happy Valentine Day.
_ _ _ _ _

Tonight I ask the stars above,
How ill ever win your love, what
do I do, what do i say, To turn
your angel eyes my way ?
So.... Happy Valentine Day.
_ _ _ _ _ _

Wave known each other, For
a long long time, But I never
really noticed, All the majic in
your eyes, Lve been around
you, A Thous and times before,
And youve always been a friend
to me, But now I m wanting
more.... think about it !
Happy Valentine Day!
_ _ _ _ _ _

Tears can sometimes be more
special than smiles.... For smiles
can be given to any one....But
tears are only shed for people
we love !
Happy Valentine Day.
_ _ _ _ _ _

Love is not how lone vve been
together, Not how much vve
given or receive, Not how many
times vve helped each other,
its how r u value each other !
Happy Valentine Day.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Happy Valentine Day.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

I want to kiss ur lips I want to
teaste ur toung hey ! don't get
angry frenl m toothpaste.....
Happy Valentine Dear.

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