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afganistan boy dancer

Bacha Bazi

Bacha Bazi is a Persian term which loosely translated means "child play".

This practice was revealed to me in a Frontline documentary titled, "The Dancing Boys Of Afghanistan".

I know you're wondering what Bacha Bazi is exactly, well i'm going to tell you.

Everyone knows that children are trafficked into the slave and sex trade but very few of us think about the homeless boys of Afghanistan.

These boys have nothing except the clothes on their bodies, literally.

So what if one day a man approached you telling you that your uncle or a rich man wants to take you in and raise you as his own?

When you have no options and a stomach hurting from hunger it seems like a god send, so you agree to go with this stranger.

The filmmaker was there when such an incident occurred. We meet this young boy, his eyes filled with hope and maybe relief. He was obviously afraid.

The boy had no clue what he just walked into....poor child.

He was first taken to another man, hand in hand with his new "father" but in reality his new owner, who would teach him how to play music and dance.

The boy probably didn't understand why he was being taught these things but he soon would learn.

The point of this training was to please his owner and make him look good by having the best dancing boy in town.

After they're trained their owners hold secret night parties to showcase his new dancing boy.

They dress him in girls clothing and he literally puts on a dancing show for the men who encircle him.

Sounds straight forward, all be it strange, doesn't it?

Well its not so cut and dry.

These boys are always molested, sodomyized and beaten by their owners.

These dancing parties usually end in violence when the other men grow jealous or are denied the chance to have him.

Some owners share their boys but mostly they're guarded as precious jewels until they grow too old to please their pedophile owner.

When we see the boy again after his first night with his new owner his eyes are sad and you can see his now destroyed soul. He is broken.

This boy's story does have hope, unlike most the boys who fall prey to those sick men.

His owner took him and the filmmaker to someone who claimed to be the boy's father. It was later discovered that his owner had paid the man to play this role.

As they were about to leave the little boy saw his chance and ran!!

Unfortunately, he was found but the filmmaker was held responsible and wasn't allowed to film anymore. The boy was severely punished.

A couple months later the filmmaker can't shake the boy he had met from his uneasy mind and decides to do something, but was he too late?

When he makes inquiries he's told the boy was dead, a bag of grain had apparently fallen on him killing him instantly.

Trusting his instinct that this is merely a bit of misinformation, the filmmaker investigates and finds out the boy is still alive.

The boy had saved himself!!

He had run away many times and finally escaped for good. Due to the shame of losing his dancing boy his owner told everyone he had died.

The boy went back to his real father and he vowed to protect his son.

They moved to an isolated place and is hopefully still alive today.

There was another boy they talked to who was about 16. His broken eyes shed tears as his lips smiled saying he had no choice and liked his life. He was the most popular dancing boy in that town at the time, and highly desired.

This boy wasn't so lucky. He had gotten too old and was no longer useful....he was murdered.

What will it take to stop this?

Maybe nothing can be done, maybe everything can be done but the fact is that nothing is done.

All we really can do is expose this practice and scream loudly about how disgusting this really is.

In a land where men rule my voice means nothing, i'm a woman, but the men of Afghanistan can stand up.

Please, if you're an Afghan male, take some kind of action....educate your friends.

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