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i love u . - Wallpaper

»«love sms


-- i luv ur eyes i luv ur smile and i cherish ur wayz i adore ur styl. what can i say? ur 1 of a kind and 24/7 ur on my mind

-- 8 letters, 3 wordz, 1 meaning I LOVE YOU!

-- one day the moon said 2 me if ur lover makes u cry why dont u leave ur lover?, and i said 2 the moon would u ever leave ur sky?

--i love 3 things, the sun, the moon and you. the sun 4 the day nd the moon 4 the night and u forever

-- how can u tel the rain not to fall when cloudz exist, how can u tell leaves not 2 fall when the wind exist, how can u not want me 2 fall inlove with u when it exist?

--Tears can sometimes be more special than smiles... for smile can be given to anyone...but tears are only shed for people we love!

-- i love u more today than i did yesterday, but not as much as i will tomorow

--how much love in ur heart 4 me choooose!
100%(Call me)
50%(mms me)
25%(sms me)
0%(stop wasting my time u looser!)

--you can fall 4rom a tree, u c an fall 4rom a bridge but the best thing is to fall inlove

--never say ur happy when ur sad, never say ur fine when ur not fine, never say u feel good when u feel bad and never say ur alone when im still alive

--if one day u feel lyk running, il come but i wont ask u to stop but i can run with u,if u feel sad, i dont promise 2 make u lough but i can be sad with u, if one day u feel lyk u dont wana talk 2 anyone,il come 2 and i wont ask u 2 talk but i promise
to remain quet,til u wana talk il be the 1st one u will talk 2

Yow if u want more love sms jus invyt me on mxit 0747934348 . and if u have got a killer love sms just tell me on mxit il add it 4 u or go 2

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