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Work Shop Technology

choose the correct answers;

i) Forging of metal is a
a) machining process,
b) welding process,
c) metal forming operation
d) metal cutting operation

ii) Rake Angle is associated with
a) MIG welding process,
b) geometry of riveting
c) geometry of cutting tool
d) abrasive jet machining.

iii) Extrusion is the process related with
a) metal cutting process
b) metal forming process
c) metal joining process
d) super finishing process

iv) Fluxes are used in welding operation
a) to keep clean the joint,
b) to increase the rate of welding,
c) to prevent oxidation of metal during welding,
d) all of the above.

v) Maximum flame temperature occurs at
a) at the tip of the flame,
b) at the outer cone,
c) at inner cone,
d) next to the inner cone.

vi) The milling machine can be used for machining
a) flat surfaces,
b) contoured surfaces,
c) surface of revolution,
d) all of the above.

vii) Abrasive material used in grinding ferrous alloys is
a) aluminium oxide,
b) silicon carbide,
c) diamond,
d) boron carbide

viii) Apron Mechanism is used in
a) Milling Machine b) Drilling Machine
c) Lathe Machine d) Shaper Machine

ix) Lapping is the process used where the surface finish, flatness
a) may be of low precision b) must be of high precision
c) may be of medium tolerances
d) none of these

x) Purpose of Automation is
a) improve Productivity
b) improve Quality
c) economise on floor space
d) all of the above
i) Cold Welding Process is an example of
a) Arc welding b) Solid state welding
c) Resistance welding d) none of the above

ii) Countersinking is a process associated with
a) Lathe Machine b) Milling machine
c) Drilling machine d)Shaper machine

iii) The whole making operation where an annular groove is produced leaving a solid cylindrical core in the center is known as
a) honing b) trepanning c) tapping d) reaming

iv) The ability to fracture under pressure so that as the cutting edges become dull, the grain breaks off and exposes sharp new cutting edges is called
a)hardness b)friability
d) toughness

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