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total quality control or TQM

The latter part of the last century as well as this century has seen a rapid growth in manufacturing and industries. Manufacturing has become more complex nowadays with the involvement of large number of people and the use of complex machines. Different types of industrial and service sectors have started to emerge. Every sector is growing and expanding.

Simultaneously, the demands of the customer are also growing rapidly. They want the perfect final product, and that too quick. Due to this, there is great pressure on the manufacturers and service providers to constantly provide satisfactory goods and services. Products are being manufactured in abundance to meet the growing demands of the people.

This abundant manufacturing, however, comes with a risk. The process of manufacturing involves several stages and great care needs to be taken at each stage to make sure that the product is made right and does not contain any defects.

Many times manufacturers are able to achieve this, but sometimes they are also unsuccessful. This causes the product to be defective. The product, when it becomes defective, is not able to live up to the necessary standards or requirements of the customer. In other words, a product or service will fail to meet the customers' requirements, if it has defects in it. Since both good and bad products are made in almost the same quantity, it is difficult to assess which one is good and which one is bad.

Therefore, the need arises for someone to verify the genuineness of these products and services before they are made available to the final customer. The need for quality assurance, therefore, has come into existence. Quality Assurance is the process of checking and verifying whether the products or services meet the necessary requirements.

The standards used to determine quality assurance can be of different types. Generally, however, most companies follow the standards laid down by the ISO which provide the most widely recognised hallmark of quality assurance.

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