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....::The Wedding::....

+....::Chapter Eight::....+

Bill and Fleur’s wedding
turns out to be a glorious
affair. Harry, disguised as a
Weasley cousin named
Barny, gets to meet all of
Ron ’s family and he gets to
see many people he hasn’t
seen in a while.
During the wedding Harry is
talking to Krum, who is very
angry at Luna Lovegood ’s
father, Xenophilius
Lovegood, because he’s
supposedly wearing a very
Dark symbol on his dress
robes. Krum tells Harry that
the sign is that of
Grindelwald, a Dark wizard
that Dumbledore dueled with
and defeated many years
Later, Harry gets the chance
to talk with the man who
wrote Dumbledore ’s obituary
in the Daily Prophet. The
man, Elphias Doge, was good
friends with Dumbledore and
Harry is excited to talk with
him. Ron ’s Auntie Muriel,
however, is sitting with them
and continues to spread the
same rumors that Rita
Skeeter is spreading, that
Dumbledore was very cruel
to his Squib sister and kept
her locked in the house all
the time. Harry is also
shocked to find out that
Dumbledore grew up in
Godric ’s Hollow, the same
village as Harry’s parents.
He is amazed that
Dumbledore never thought to
tell him this.
Before he can really register
this fact, Kingsley
Shacklebolt ’s Patronus, a
lynx, arrives at the wedding
bearing a horrifying message
"The Ministry has fallen.
Scrimegour is dead. They are

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