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....::The Wandmaker::....

+....::Chapter Twenty Four::....+

Harry is devastated by
Dobby ’s death, and when he
buries him he does so by
hand, without using magic.
When they all come out to lay
Dobby to rest, they thank
him for saving their lives.
After the funeral, Harry
questions Griphook the
goblin about the sword,
which he managed to escape
with. Harry needs Griphook
to help him break into
Gringotts bank, because he
now thinks that another
Horcrux is hidden in Bellatrix
Lestrange ’s vault. Griphook
tells them he’ll think about
helping them and let them
know when he decides.
Harry also questions the
wandmaker, Ollivander,
asking him if it ’s possible to
fix his broken wand.
Ollivander cannot fix it.
Ollivander does tell him,
however, that Voldemort
really is seeking the Elder
Wand so he can evade
Soon after questioning
Ollivander, Harry begins to
truly understand what he ’s
meant to do. He’s supposed
to destroy the Horcruxes
and not go after the Elder
Wand. He then has a vision
of what Voldemort ’s doing.
Voldemort is at Hogwarts and
has figured out that
Dumbledore was the
possessor of the Elder
Wand. He breaks open
Dumbledore ’s tomb and takes
the wand for himself.

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