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....::The King's Cross::....

+....::Chapter Thirty Five::....+

When he opens his eyes he
is alone in a bright mist. The
more he looks around the
more it looks like he ’s in
some domed room. He thinks
that he is in King's Cross. He
sees an ugly, small crying
child and before he can do
anything about it,
Dumbledore appears.
Dumbledore tells Harry that
he (Harry) is really not dead,
and explains to him that
because Harry let Voldemort
kill him, that piece of
Voldemort that was inside
Harry is now gone. Harry still
doesn ’t understand why he’s
not dead, however, and
Dumbledore tells him that
because Voldemort used
Harry ’s blood to regenerate
himself, Lily’s protection is
now inside both of them. His
body keeps her sacrifice
alive, and it ’s because of
this that Harry is still alive.
Dumbledore also tells Harry
about the Hallows, and how
all this time Harry has had
the magical Cloak from the
legend. He explains all about
his true past, his duel with
Grindelwald, and their quest
to obtain all three Hallows for
themselves. He is sad and
bitter about his past, but is
determined not to have any
more secrets from Harry.
He also tells Harry that he
has a choice to stay or go
back, and Harry decides to
go back. Before going back,
he looks at the child for the
last time when Dumbledore
tells him to pity the living,
not the dead.

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