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School nd College

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# ClassRoom
A classroom just like a trian.
First 3 benches are VIP special.
3 benches in center are general compartment.
Last benches are sleeper coach.

# funny
8 semesters
80 GB syllabus
80 MB we study
80 KB we remember
80 bytes we answer
Binary marks we get
This is B.TECH (Brain Is Technically Empty)

# Students feeling
A Sleeping LION is stronger than a Barking DOG.
So a Sleeping STUDENT is better than a Barking TEACHER
Last Bench Association .

# 143 means ?
143 means? Do u want know what it means? press down...

..................143 means ONE HUNDRED FOURTY THREE. Tomorrow I will u teach about 144.

# Spell Plantain
Teacher: "john spell plantain"
John: starts crying
Teacher:"why are you crying" ?
John:"because i dont know whether to spell ripe or unripe plantain".

# Exam
Teacher: How was your exam?
Raju : "I didn't do too well, Ma'am".
Teacher: Why?
Raju : "I thought and thought but I couldn't remember the past tense of 'think'".

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