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*****5-Point-System Criticism*****
Children don't take easily to criticism. Very often they turn defensive, angry & start sulking. This in turn angers u
further, causing you to yell at them & insist that they & "better learn to accept criticism, or else."

Here are five points you should keep in mind when criticizing your child, so it leads to constructive & not destructive

Be Specific

If your child is behaved in an irresponsible manner, for example, if he has not passed an urgent message to you, don't
get started about how he has to start learning how to be responsible. Save the lecture. This time, just sit him down &
tell him that because he didn't pass on the message, no one reached on time to pick up grandma, and she had to come home
all alone in a taxi, pay a lot of money and pick up all her bags herself. Poor grandma! First, concentrate on
the particular situation at hand. Don't launch into an immediate personality attack.

Come Up With a Solution

But instead of coming up with a solution yourself, let it come from your child. Now that your child knows what he did
was wrong, ask him to come up with a solution so this does not happen again. In the example given above, the solution is
simple. A nicemessage board with a bright felt pen attached should do the trick. Let the suggestion come from him. Ask
your child if he will forget to write messages down once you've given him such a nice board. Better still, take him with
you and let him choose the board itself. This will make him feel more involved.

Suitable Time

When criticising, sit down and have a heart with your child. This'll take some time, so choose a time which is suitable.

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