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welcome mizan - Newest pictures Animation Animated

>>Best SMS CollectioN<<

>>>>"BEST SMS"<<<<
collected by mizan

01/Never b try 2 get past. Past only 4 guide of future. Never try 2 get love. Love only 4 sad of life. But all time try 2 get a "great friend."
02/If A=1,B=2,C=3,......,Z=26 then L+O+V+E=54. But F+R+I+E+N+D+S+H+I+P=108. And 54+54=108. So LOVE+LOVE=FRIENDSHIP. So Friendship is double of Love. So be friendly.
03/A rose 4 dry after 3 days. Sky dark any time. A years end after 365 days. A tree is strong but can be break. But a good friend never be ends or broken.
04/Birds surprize this day, flowers surprize this day, sky wonder this day, sea exciting this day,becuse this day is friend ship day. " HAPPY FRIEND SHIP DAY"
05/Friendship is not a game 2 play,It is not a word to say,It doesn't start on March and ends on May,It is 2morrow, yesterday,today&everyday.
Happy friendship day
06/If these ever comes a day, when we can't be together, keep me in ur heart, i will stay these forever. 8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning........
I LOVE YOU.,.,.,.,
07/ Moon wait for night,sun wait for day,dream wait for sleep,batsman wait for six,boller wait for wicket,you wait for ..... but i wait for your sweet SMS.
08/Every time i hear my sms alert tone.....! I always hope that something comes from u...! My mobile have limited memory but my heart have unlimited space for u.



Just a Simple Wish.

"Happy New Year"
With many many Happy Smile on your face always.
10/A little dog said his Mother,"Who is my father?"SHe said,"Keep silent. Don't disturb him please. your father is reading this sms now." (Don't mind)
11/A major operation is to be undertaken in "PABNA MENTAL HOSPiTAL".All doctors & nurses R ready but patient is busy to reading this sms!
12/I touched a flower,

Flower said,
"I love u"

I touched a bird,

Bird said,
"I like u"

I touched rain,

Rain said,
"I miss u"

I touched u,

U said...
13/Look at the clook.......!Second is running.Minute is walking.Hour is moving.Day is passing and "EID" is coming.Eid mubarak
14/ . ' 12 ' .
9 | / 3
' . 6 . '

Time will always Fly,but our relation will never die.
15/When feel lonely,
Press 01
Want a happy moment,
Press 921
Want a smile,
Press 392
Need help
Press 090
Press all them number and
Then u will hear my voice.
16/No greating card to give. No swëêt flower to send. No cute graphics to forward. Just a wonderful heart saying "EID MUBARAK".
17/If u sharing da waves, i'll gave a sea. if love is a plannet, i'll give a galaxy. if friendsheep is a life, i'll give t my self.
18/Black rose 4 enemy. Pink rose 4 a special friend. White rose 4 friendship and red rose 4 love. Now which rose u choose to give me.
19/Search 4 truth, u will find beauty. search 4 beauty , u"ll find love. search 4 love, u"ll find friendship. search a real friend, u"ll find me.* SAMJO*
20/Words begins with ABC.Number begins with 123.Music begins with SAREGAMA.My life begins with u.So make it perfect.Bye see u.
21/Night has end for another day,morning has come in a special way.Remove all the bad from your mind.2010 is noking your door with a"EID"&"Happy New Year"
22/Open my cap, hold me, take my lips in u'r lips & waste me, Oho it's a great feelings, I am talking about "COCA COLA". Good day.
23/I saw three monkey in the zoo.1st monkey eating barger, 2nd mokey eat- ing penat & 3rd monkey reading this message.
24/Langest love is mother's love. shortest love is other's love.sweetest love is lover's love and the strongest love is for friend's love...ok by
25/Söme friéñds förgét.Söme mové away.Söme just chañge.But,I am nöt 1 of them.......I am just héré ñow and always.
26/"New day" "New morning" "New hopes" "New plans" "New effort" "New success" "New feelings" I Pray God to give u a "Happy & successful day."Eid Mubarak

G=Go 2 bed

O=Off the light

O=Out of tension

D=Drem will come true!

N=nice sleep

I=Introduced good mind

G=Get up early

H=Have a nice morning

T=Think about me



so sweet demes.

Amayke mony rakho

28/The most beautiful word is Allah. The very sweet song is Azan. The best exercise is Namaz & The best happy day is EiD. So, enjoy it.
29/Night has end for another day,morning has come in a special way.Remove all the bad from your mind.Bcuz 1417 is noking your door."SHUVO NOBOVORSHO"
30/It must have been a rainy day when you was born, but it wasn't really rain, the sky was crying because it lost his most beautifull star...!
31/If U Love Me
ALLAH will Love U.

If U keep me in ur heart

U will be bright more than sun.

If U read me
U will be wise than another.

If U follow me
U will be holy more than flower.

So, I am calling U to Love , Read & Follow me.

Do you know me?

I am none but
32/Rose is red you are great. Earth is green
your mind is clean. Milk is white your love is right. The sky is blue, my friendship is true.
33/Every time Allah "remember"u. Every second Allah"bless"u,Every minute Allah "care"u, Every hour Allah "reward"u. Because Every day someone pray for u!........
34/Good song are few minutes happy,' Good flims are few hours happy,' Good University are few years happy,' But good like you life happy..I LOVE YOU
35/n ss!w !, n ss!w !,
n ss!w !, n ss!w !,
n ss!w !, n ss!w !,
n ss!w !, n ss!w !,..........
Kichu bojo nai? Mobile ulta kora dekho! Good night.
36/Moon is nice when it gives light; Flower is nice when it looks bright. Dance is nice when it is samba; You are very nice when you say
37/U r Romantic, Atracktive, Missble, Cheerful, Adorable, Good , Obidient, Lovely. Finaly u r- R.A.M.C.A.G.O.L
Don't mind.
38/Welcome to Type your name & password*****
Sorry apnar prem korar boyosh shas hoye gese! Plz try to
39/LovE is DhokA.It makes u BokA. Without ur MoneY,LovE is FunnY. Lover says"Without ur TakA,My LovE is 4 u FullY FakA".So don't LovE.Thako AKA that's JHAKA NAKA.
40/Only the open heart, will receive love. Only the open mind Will receive wisdom. Only the open hand Will receive gifts. And Only the true & special friend Will receive SMS & Love from me.
40/POETs cry 4 creating a nice Poetry, like BONOLATA. ARtist cry 4 drawing a nice picture, like MONALISA. Lover cry 4 having LOVE. Sky cry 4 having some blue & I cry 4 having a real Friend.
41/Lips+Lips=Kiss. Kiss+Kiss=Love. Love+Love=Sex. Sex+Sex=Children. Children+Children=Population. Population is the great problem in our country.So don't kiss.
42/Love say I love u, Sky say I want u, Weather say I feel u,Heart say I miss u & I say how r u?What r u doing now?Be happy always.
43/I love u, Allah k bolo! I miss u, Namaz k bolo! I Believe u, Quran k bolo! I trust u, Rasul (s.a.w)k bolo! I hate u, Shoitan k bolo! I don't care, Dunia k bolo!
44/Leter after F half of 8,Shadow of q,Oposit of d.Leter B4 M middle of sea twice time 19th leter.Middle of sun.If u r genius try to discover it!
45/"God save the world, world save the man, man save the heart, heart save the friendship and friendship save the real friend".
46/ ; ; Special
c('''''') Coffee
'''' For u. I Mixed It With Love & Happiness But There is No Sugar, Bcoz, I Know U Are So Sweet. OK....
47/At first I see u in market.
Nice eyes,
Perfect size,
Lovely figure,
Marvalous walking style.

Everything was excilent.

Then I told->>

48/''Some names never delete from heart. Some face never delete from eyes. Some moments never delete from memory. Some day never delete from life.
49/Love <--

Love <--

Love <--

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