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nigeria pepe

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All About Me

Name: Hector Adikwu
CofO: nigeria
Tribe: Igbo(Ibo)
Home Address:
DoB: 07.12.1979
Age: 30
Zodiac: saggitarius
Religion: Orthodox Anglican
Marital Status: Single
Family Position: 5 of 7
Blood Gp: O+
Genotype: AA
Sickness(s): Malaria; Itchy eyes
HIV Status: -ve
Other Social Networks:

Height: 1.70cm
Skin Color: Chocolate
Eye color: Rich brown with Black outer lining
Body Proportion: Moderately flawed (53:47)
Facial Looks: Innocently Boyish
Trouser Size: 36
Shirt Size: 16; prefered: 15-15.5; 32-33 (hand length)
Shoe Size: 41-42

ATTRIBUTES (0-10 rating, where applicable):
Phlegmatic: 10
Sanguine: 4
Melancholy: 5
Choleric: 1

Disposition: Helpful, Prone to perversions, Thoughtful, Generally biased to Good; A violent streak do lurk behind, but that's a general thing, only activated by some parasympathetic stimuli that is avoidable.

Dexterity: 7
Intelligence: ?¿
Emotion: Mostly controlled
Intuition: 6-8
Libido Rating: 4-8
Commitment Rate: 0-9 Depending
Thinking Ability: 4-9
Cleanliness: 9
Work Rate: Depends on Commitment rate
Spirituality: 7

Colours: Turquoise; Sky Blue; Deep Green
Food: Any, as long as it won't slip off my spoon and don't look murky, aint chinese, man! Don't play around me when it's braaivleis or rice with salad, i'll bare my fangs.
Drinks: Flavoured Spirits; Palm wine; Water
Fruits: Mangoes, Pineapple, Avacado
Dresses: Denim shirts and jeans, Body-fitted shirts, polo and T-shirts, Straight cut Trousers
Footwears: Ankle length Shoes, Slipon
Movies: Adventure, Horror, Blockbusters, Documentary, Mobsters, Sci fi
Music Genre: rock, rnb, country, afrobeats, high-life
Haircuts: crew-cut, clean-shaved
Past-Times: playing adventure or racing computer games, reading but no novels
Games/Sports: Chess, table tennis, monopoly, scramble, football or soccer
Clubs: Manchester United Fc, Barcelona Fc...

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