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Q: who was born in the KAABA' ?

(information source: GOOGLE (wikipedia)
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Ali ibn Abi Talib (ca 599-661 CE) was a
prominent figure in
early Islamic history.
He had been taken
into his cousin Muhammad's household as a child,
and was one of the
first converts to Islam when he was only ten years old.
Later, he married
daughter Fatima Zahra and fathered Muhammad's two
grandsons. He was
one of Muhammad's
trusted lieutenants. Shi'a Muslims believe that Ali was the
rightful successor to
Muhammad, and the
first of the Shi'a Imams whom the Shi'a believe to be
the divinely ordained
spiritual leaders of
humankind. Many sources,
including all Shi'a
ones, record that Ali
was the first and
only person born inside the Kaaba in the city of Mecca. The tradition states
that Ali's mother
was at the wall of
the Kaaba when it
parted, and she
entered, to emerge three days later
holding the infant Ali
in her arms.
Numerous sources
contend that he
was born beside the Kaaba, but not
inside the area
apparent upon
entering through
the door, as it was
filled with idols. According to the
tradition, Ali did not
open his eyes until
his cousin
approached. Muhammad took the
baby in his hands,
put his tongue
inside Ali's mouth in
an act representing
the passing of knowledge, and
when the baby
sucked on the saliva
of this man, he
opened his eyes.
This is why Muhammad was the
first person whom
Ali saw as a
newborn. Muhammad
asked Fatima Binte
Asad if she had a name picked out for
the child. She
informed him that
while she was inside,
'being cared for by
the beings of heaven who assisted
in the effortless
delivery of the
child', she was told
by a majestic voice
that this child has been named Ali,
meaning "the exalted one".
Some Sunni scholars
regard the
Mustadrak as an
unreliable hadith
collection. [1] . Sunni believe that
religion should not
be based upon
hearsay and
unreliable words.
Ka'aba was conisdered holier
even during the
time of ignorance
(Jahiliyyat), so how
they could enter
kaaba for giving birth to a child. Also
the Islamic prophet,
Muhammad was not
born inside Kaaba,
so how could
someone else born there. Some Sunni scholars[citation nee credit a tradition
found in Sahih Muslim, which states that Hakim ibn Hizam, a rich Meccan convert to Islam,
claimed he was born
in the Kaaba.[citation need A hadith like this
has been
transmitted on the
authority of Hakim
b. Hizam (Imam
Muslim) said: Hakim b. Hizam was born
inside the Ka'ba
and lived for one
hundred and
twenty years.
(Sahih Muslim, Book 10, Number 3662) [2] This claim is
advanced at one
Sunni website, [3] , where it is pointedly
stated that Hakim
ibn Hizam was the
only person ever to
be born in the
Kaaba. This articleneeds additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. (Unsourced material)

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