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Suma, Daddy & His Friends

Suma, Daddy & His Friends

By: Suma

Hi, my name is Suma; I am from a small village in kerala. I am 26, got married one year back. Shy, sexy, soft-spoken, a graduate, yet a house wife; that’s me in a nutshell. 5.6”tall, fair, very shapely with a 36-28-36 figure.
After my marriage I settled down in ernakulam with my husband and his father. His mother had passed away a few years ago, so we had to look after his dad. The main reason was that, my father-in-law was a very wealthy person and his only son, my husband, Sunil, wanted the inheritance. Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t have poised any problems, but in this case, my hubbie, was a soft spoken guy too. And he was shit scared of his father, yet he made sure that his dad was happy and taken care of, so that he got the property. My f.i.l. was a moody character and often threatened that he would give away all his wealth to charity. So Sunil had asked me to be kind and patient to his dad and try as much as possible to keep him happy. I agreed like a good wife should. Sunil was in charge of his dads business and his old man used to visit his factory only twice a week. The rest of the slogging was done by Sunil, driven by his old man from home. Well all this sounds pretty ordinary, right? Well, the problem lay in something else.
My hubby was a lean small made guy taking after his mother. Where-as his father was a huge man, nearly 6.2 tall, broad and hairy, with a booming voice. He always loved to order me around, making me wait on his friends and him, as they spent their morning playing cards. It was just six months after my marriage, and I was getting frustrated because Sunil hardly spent time with me. He was too busy during the day and too tired during the nights. I was craving for attention, especially my body, but despite me dressing up sexily for my husband, the only attention I got, was from my f.i.l. and his two friends; Devan and Ramesh who leered at me always. I used to ignore them as usual until one day, I over heard Devan (a lean, tall, dark man with a thin mush) telling my father-in-law, “You have a sexy daughter-in-law Sridhar, just look at her arse when she comes in, the way it jiggles makes my cock go hard. You are so lucky; you can watch her whole day. Please ask her to come Sridhar, she looks hot and innocent” “You should see her dressed up at night for my son, like a real sex bomb but my son has no energy for her.” “Then why can’t you take care of her?” “Yeah I have been thinking about her a lot. Must try her out soon” “What if she tells your son?” Ashok asked. “If he pushes me then I will throw him and his wife out of this house. He would not have a place to go and he has to come back sucking up to me”
“You are a cunning bastard Sridhar” said Ramesh. “What nonsense, a sexy body like that needs a lot of fucking. He does not use her, so why not me, I can keep her happy.” “You are so selfish Sridhar, what about us?” “Go fuck your own daughter-in-laws” “I surely cant, my son would kill me!” said Ramesh. “I have a short fat ugly bitch as my daughter-in-law; I don’t even know why my son chose her!” said Devan. “Most probably she had a lot of money”
“Yeah! She is loaded.” “Suma, what the hell are you up to?! We have been waiting so long for those snacks” “coming dad!” My heart was pounding with fear as I went into the living room to serve those lecherous goats. I felt so naked, as I moved in between them. Their eyes were all on me. But, somehow, deep deep down, I liked the attention.
As I bent near uncle Devan, serving him, I felt my father-in-law feeling my arse. I gasped in surprise, not knowing what to say. When I turned around to face him, he said, “Suma, you are so sexy, we all think that you should dress up more sexily so that we can enjoy the sight. We are so bored here. You can put that beauty to some use. I think I should buy a scorpo for Sunil. You like that offer don’t you?!” My head raced, and then on impulse I agreed, thinking of my husbands wishes. So I said, “Anything you want daddy.” “That’s my girl; I was just telling my friends here that you were such a good daughter-in-law. You proved it.” saying that, he put his hands around my waist, and cupped my arse cheek through my saree and squeezed, right there, in front of his friends. They exchanged dirty looks as their friend kneaded away at his daughter-in-law’s big round arse. I had to push away his hands feeling totally embarrassed, when he gave me a stinging slap on my arse, making it jiggle obscenely and told me, “Go on my girl, get changed to your skyblue midi n top and come back to serve us.” I left in a hurry, fully conscious of the way my big round arse jiggled whenever I walked fast. I reached my room in a daze, thinking. To my utter surprise I found that my pussy was totally wet. I hated myself for it. I then decided to put that skyblue top which was quite tigt for me showing my bulging boobs and its violet skirt which tight & reached just below my knees. I had put up my hair into a bun. I felt that it was sexy enough for those starved old men. Then steeling myself for any eventuality, I went back to the living room to loud cheering as they ogled at my body openly. “Now you look hot my dear! Like a ho airhostess” saying that my f.i.l. let his hands run over the back of my smooth thighs, caressing, as I stood next to his couch, quietly, biting my lips. His hands were now sqeezing over my bums hard. I had to literally tear myself away from him and went towards uncle Ramesh to clear his plate. That’s when I noticed his crotch; he had a hard-on, which was at least a foot long and thick as his own wrist. It was so clearly visible through the thin material of his dhoti, as it lay along his thigh. It made me gasp in excitement, then feeling ashamed of myself quickly turned away and walked out of the room as fast as I could. After his friends had left my f.i.l. came searching for me. I was in the kitchen preparing lunch. At the same time my hubby also reached home for lunch. So I left the kitchen and followed him to his room, while my f.i.l. walked along with me, his hands brazenly caressing my arse over my skirt right there behind his son’s back, coolly questioning him about the business. I could not even open my mouth in protest. When I tried to hasten my pace, he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me towards him and said, “Sunil, I have decided to increase buy you a scorpio” “Thanks dad! That was very considerate of you.” “You deserve it. Even Suma deserves it. She takes care of me so well at home. So I have decided to write my will with both of you as the sole benefactors.” I stood frozen in my f.i.l.’s arms as he continued squeezing; my hubby didnt know of what was going on just outside his door. He was busy inside washing and getting ready for lunch, most probably in his own world, thinking about his inheritance. Knowing very well that I would do nothing to burst the bubble now, he pinned me against the wall, right next to the bedroom door and kissed my lush lips. His hard organ was poking against my tummy and his hands were tweaking my hard nipples through my top. His administrations almost drove me wild with desire and lust. I was hoping and praying that he would not notice my starved body responding. God he was turning me on so much, his hot tongue was dancing inside my mouth. That’s when Sunil came out of the bathroom, saving me just in time from myself and his kinky dad. We ate in silence because I am the one who usually talks. Today I did not feel like it. I was thinking of my wet pussy and about what was going to happen after my hubby left. I even thought of telling Sunil, but thought of the consequences. He was not going to stand up to his father and we would loose the inheritance. So I decided against it, but that meant letting his dad use me. That was one use I found myself unable to resist. I went on mechanically went on with my work buried in thoughts of lust and guilt when I heard the doorbell ring. To my surprise I found my hubby gone and his dad’s friends at the door waiting to be let in. but before I could go my f.i.l. opened the door and let them in. it was 3 p.m. and I took a tray full of snacks and entered the living room, my heart thudding in anticipation! Uncle Devan was staring hard at my hard nipples which were poking out of the thin material of my top. I could not find my f.i.l. anywhere. I did not have to search for long; soon I felt his hard crotch pressing against my soft butt, his hands on my naked waist, holding on to the soft white creamy folds, I felt so weak in his powerful presence, could not move a muscle, rather did not want to. Then suddenly I heard his voice booming over my head, “Guys, guess what!? Today I decided to write all my wealth over to my son and daughter-in-law. They deserve it, don’t you think so?” “Thank god you finally did the right thing for once, I was so scared that you might deprive them of that and give every thing away to charity” said Ramesh. “Come on Ramesh, Suma is a good girl; she deserves a life of comfort. They both make me very happy, especially my Suma here” saying that he ground his throbbing member into my arse further. I just stood there staring at Ramesh and Devan, as they simply watched what their friend was doing to me, without any pity. They must have wanted that to happen. Well to think positively I surely stood to gain, if I just made my father-in-law happy. Anyway his raw sex appeal was turning me into putty. It made me ache for cock, it didn’t matter, who it belonged to anymore. I could not believe that I was getting pretty hot and I wanted him so badly.
Wishing and praying that he would send his friends home and pay attention to me, I thought I could show my gratitude by responding to him. But he put all my wishes to an end by turning me around and kissing me right there in front of them, bang on my mouth. I did not know whether to respond or not, I was shocked and confused and I did not want to hurt his ego. “Deavn, today I kissed Suma right in front of my son’s room, she did not utter a word to her hubby, she is a smart girl. Isn’t she? I guess she loves her daddy, what do you say Suma!?” “Ye… yes! Daddy, I do love you. You are a nice and kind man and generous too.” “What about my looks, am I not fit enough for my age!?” “That you sure are, you look very attractive” “Then what about my cock, is this hard and big enough for you?!” Saying that, he took my hands, and put them on his now throbbing member. I was blushing, going red with embarrassment as I felt his huge equipment in front of his friends. I had a good mind to tell him to ask his friends to go away so that I could take care of him instead decided against it. “Yes daddy it’ huge!”
“Do you like it Suma? Because, right now, I would love to have it go all the way into my dirty d-i-ls sexy mouth.” I couldnt respond for a moment. He is asking me that right in front of his friends. "Oh comeon my slutty little girl; DO IT". ...

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