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Fucked my own Mom

Fucked my own Mom


Hai ,This is sam again.This time I am going to reveal the sex experience with own mom Visa. Visa is a fair color lady with a pair of big breasts, deep navel, and wears semi transparent saree below her navel. Visa divorced my dad at the age of 28 and I was 10.From their divorce visa remained unsatisfied her sex hunger. This made her beauty maintained as a 28 yr old woman.Infact she was admired by my father brother .

Visa and I stayed in a single house.I had the chance of seeing her in half dressed with blouse and skirt and even with bra in my childhood.This made me more hunger towards her sexy body.I was waiting for a chance to fuck my own mom, Visa. The day came. It was oct2k,I and visa were having dinner .After our dinner visa went to clean utensils.After cleaning the vessels visa kept them in almara.As she was keeping it , she fell from the stool.Visa was lying in the floor with her saree away from her juicy breasts and her navel was also visible.I took her to the hospital.The doctor gave an oil to apply on her hip.I an dvisa came to home.

I asked my mom to lie in the bed. Visa removed her sari from her boob region.she asked me to apply the oil and massage.When I first saw it I was happy to see her in such close position.I locked the door and started to apply the oil and massage.As I was massaging ,visa was sleeping.Now I slowly moved my hands towards her hip. I lied near her and removed her sari from her body.I started to flow kiss over her face.Visa woke up and shocked to see me doing so.She shouted me to go away.I held her both hands and revealed my desire.Visa did not accept.I did not adhere to her words. Istarted to flow kiss on her face.She moved her face to avoid my kiss.I held her face in my hand and sucked her soft lips.Irolled my tongue into her mouth.Visa started to plead .I flowed kisses over her neck..

Now her more sexy region.Visa huge pair of breasts.I started to tear her blouse and removed her bra.Visa was crying. I started to squeeze one boob and suck the milk from the other boob. I am sucking thesame breasts that feed me in the child hood.I stopped my act and told visa that there is noway Now visa with held her resistance.I startd to kiss her hip region and moved towards her cunt region.I untied her skirt and removed her skirt .I saw my own mom naked and was very happy in succeeding my wish. I separated her both legs and kissed her both legs. I slowly inserted my cock into her cunt and loaded my cum into cunt.For the whole night I fucked my own mom visa.What anice day was it !.In the next morning I thanked Visa for satisfying me.

Visa was wearing blue transparent saree revealing her breast and deep navel. Now I was again got aroused by that scene.I slowly went to her back and place my hand over her hip and pinched her navel. Visa moaned slowly..Now I kissed her back neck region and bited her ears.I wanted to fuck her again.Visa told to close the door and come. I locked the door and went to my room .Visa was lying in the bed with her blouse and skirt. I lied over her and both started to suck each other lips.This act was going on for 15min.Then I moved towards her breast and sucked them.Visa asked me whether I was hungry?Ibited her nipple.She moaned in pain.I removed her blouse and started to suck her breast hardly and steadily. Her half of her breast was into my mouth.I slowly moved my lips to her hip and bited her extra flesh.I removed her skirt and slowly inserted my penis into her cunt and loaded my cum into her cunt.I ejacuvated my cum fully.We both kissed our lips together .Now my own mom visa is mywife and I fuck her when ever I want.

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