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STRINGS theory

Aarif here is an ans. For ur query

String theory is a developin branch of theorotical physics dat combines Quantum theory & general relativity into a quantum theory of gravity. String theory is a theory of gravity, a extension of General relativity & classical interpritation of strings nd branes.
'Strings' of string theory r one-dimensional oscillating lines. String theory's birth was as the "DUAL RESONCE MODEL" whch dscribed "HADRONS" as string. Many physicist belive dat dis theory is correct fundamental description of nature.
In string theory, the electrons & quarks inside an atom r not 0- dimensional objects but 1- dimensional string. These strings cn move n vibrate, whch gives these observed particles their flavour, charge, mass & spin. The strings make closed loops unless they encounter surface called "D-BRANES" where they cn open up into one dimensional line.


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