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Families with babies and families without are so sorry for each other

Most truths are so naked that people feel sorry for them and cover them up, at least a little bit.

It is easy to look back, self-indulgently, feeling pleasantly sorry for oneself and saying I didn't have this and I didn't have that. But it is only the grown woman regretting the hardships of a little girl who never thought they were hardships at all. She had the things that really mattered.

If it is once again one against forty-eight, then I am very sorry for the forty-eight.

His neighbor is a tooth-drawer. That bag at his girdle is full of the teeth that he drew at Winchester fair. I warrant that there are more sound ones than sorry, for he is quick at his work and a trifle dim in the eye.

No real English gentleman, in his secret soul, was ever sorry for the death of a political economist.

These two things are come unto thee; who shall be sorry for thee? desolation, and destruction, and the famine, and the sword: by whom shall I comfort thee? / Thy sons have fainted, they lie at the head of all the streets, as a wild bull in a net: they are full of the fury of the LORD, the rebuke of thy God.

I believe that God felt sorry for actors so he created Hollywood to give them a place in the sun and a swimming pool. The price they had to pay was to surrender their talent.

Keep courage. Whatever you do, do not feel sorry for yourself. You will win in a great age of opportunity.

I'm sorry I brought this upon you, my boy. I'm sorry you must carry this burden. I'm sorry for everything!

"One of the main reasons that it is so easy to march men off to war," says Ernest Becker, is that "each of them feels sorry for the man next to him who will die."

Except for the young or very happy, I can't say I am sorry for anyone who dies.

Grab a chance and you won't be sorry for a might have been.

If I've done anything I'm sorry for, I'm willing to be forgiven

I always feel sorry for people who think more about a rainy day ahead than sunshine today.

I cannot pretend to be impartial about the colors. I rejoice with the brilliant ones, and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.

Feeling sorry for yourself, and you present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have.

Play fair. Don't hit people. Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody.

Oh I'm sorry, is this a five minute argument, or the full half hour?

Now, say you're sorry...and MEAN it!

Love is always having to say I'm sorry.

If I've done anything I'm sorry for, I'm willing to be forgiven.

I am sorry, Mother. I named your anger. A woman's anger is not supposed to...

with babies and families without are so sorry for each other.

Correct means always having to say you're sorry.

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.

There is a strength in the union of very sorry men.

I'm truly sorry man's dominion has broken Nature's social union.

When armies are mobilized and issues joined, the man who is sorry over the fact will always win.

The more rational statement is that we feel sorry becuase we strike, afraid becuase we tremble, and not that we cry, strike, or tremble becuase we are sorry, angry, or fearful as the case may be.

We would often be sorry if our wishes were gratified.

I'm sorry you are wiser, I'm sorry you are taller; I liked you better foolish and I liked you better smaller.

Wife: one who is sorry she did it, but would undoubtedly do it again.

If I've done anything I'm sorry for, I'm willing to be forgiven.

Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.

There is a strength in the union even of very sorry men.

Every minute you are thinking of evil, you might have been thinking of good instead. Refuse to pander to a morbid interest in your own misdeeds. Pick yourself up, be sorry, shake yourself, and go on again.

You can make up a quarrel, but it will always show where it was patched.

The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.

Not the fastest horse can catch a word spoken in anger.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.

If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting?

It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.

Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand.

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.

Apology is a lovely perfume; it can transform the clumsiest moment into a gracious gift.

The only correct actions are those that demand no explanation and no apology.

An apology is the superglue of life. It can repair just about anything.

In some families, please is described as the magic word. In our house, however, it was sorry.

Never ruin an apology with an excuse.

Keep your words soft and tender because tomorrow you may have to eat them.

sorry ........sorry............sorry

SORRY.... SORRY.... SORRY.....SORRY....Dont get confused ,Arey Baba SORRY means: S-Some,O-One Is,R-Really,R-Rememberinhg Y-You.....Have A wonderful day....

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