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james dean "James Dean Lives…In UK Ad" The advertisement features imagined scenes from Dean’s life had he survived the car crash that killed him in 1955 at the age of 24.The actor can be seen receiving a lifetime achievement Oscar, directing his own film, racing cars, leading a protest against the Vietnam War and campaigning on a humanitarian mission.The commercial for investment firm Allan Gray, ends with the slogan “Given more time, imagine the possibilities”.The 60-second black and white film was created by advertising agency King James and filmed by director Keith Rose from Velocity Films. It took 14 months to create and required 300 cast members and a crew of more than 150 people.“This was an incredibly challenging board,” said Mr Rose. “You just take it for granted that James Dean is so iconic, so to go and mess with him, and replan his life, if stuff like that doesn’t work it’s like you’re desecrating his memory. We really needed to deal with it with sensitivity.” “We looked at the best in America,” said Grant Davies, the film’s producer. “We even searched through all the entrants at the small town James Dean look-alike competitions they have every year at county fairs across the Midwest. Ultimately we ended up coming back home and we found the perfect man for the job right here on our own doorstep.” The winner was Des Erasmus, a mechanic from Cape Town.He underwent two months of coaching to walk, talk and smoke like Dean and required a combination of make-up, CG face replacement, prosthetics, and body doubles to bring the legendary actor to life. September 22, 2009

stern phil james dean "Morning Man Classic: James Dean!" By Greg Hernandez on Dec 20, 2009 9:15 am You can’t do a series on classic Morning Men and not include James Dean.He starred in just three films in the 1950s - Giant, Easr of Eden and Rebel Without a Cause – but what a lasting impact he made.Dean, who was raised in Indiana by an aunt and uncle after the death of his mother, attended UCLA and beat out 350 other hopefuls to land the role of Malcolm in Macbeth. He dropped out soon after to pursue acting full-time. He became one of the youngest members of the famed Actors Studio in New York City and was soon landing parts in several television shows which led to calls from Hollywood.Several people who knew Dean, including his close friend and first biographer William Bast, have stated that he was gay. Bast lived with him both in Los Angeles and New York and has written of their years of sexual involvement. Rebel director Nicolas Ray and Giant co-star Elizabeth Taylor have also talked about his sexuality.But this beautiful young actor did not live long enough for us to know how this might have affected his life and career. He was killed in 1955 in a car crash in California.Dean was just two 24 years old. He received Academy Award nominations for both East of Eden and Giant – the only actor to earn two posthumous nominations.

james dean in spectacles "Movie Sunglasses & Spectacles - James Dean" If you check the Spectacles Blog library listing on the right you can see that the smallest category in terms of number of entries is the one that I thought would be quite easy. It should certainly be popular - people love celebrity and movie idols. Can you still say that (”idols”), It sounds so 1950’s. Well maybe that’s what it’s all about. Let’s look for a real 1950’s movie hero or heroine in their spectacles (rarer) or in sunglasses (easier - I’m guessing).OK best film star, male, of the period? James Dean. Yes we’ve got him, in what look like browlines from Shuron. See more about these specs in the piece on Malcolm X’s spectacles in Famous Four Eyes and further back.But James dean was also seen in more regular tortoise-shell glasses fairly typical of the period. Plus RayBan vendors claim that he made those sunglasses fashionable and famous (along with some other contemporary superstars).And I feel a bit of a fraud because these spectacles were not worn in the movies. But what the hell… the category needs more posts! Watch this space and I promise the next one will have spectacles/sunglasses that were actually in a movie. How about Men In Black, which comes to mind…

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