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9 april samackdown results

★SMACKDOWN☆ - spoilers - 09/
these are SPOILERS from the arena
so info may be INCORRECT
(A fan report)
Jack Swagger Def, John Morrison
Swagger bled in the match
accidentally. It will be interesting
to see if they edit that out.
C.M. Punk said he was going to
convert Darren Young Is he going
to make him white or catholic?
Chris Jericho told Wade Barrett
that he should be World Champion
Shad Gaspard cut a promo in front
of the crowd. JTG ran out but
Shad laid him out, letting
everyone know who the Marty is
in this split
Drew McIntyre b Matt Hardy with
the double-arm DDT on the floor,
and then threw him in to be
Punk, Serena and Luke Gallows
came out to shave Darren Young's
head. Young agreed, and then
changed his mind. They beat him
down until Rey Mysterio made the
save. In the brawl, Mysterio
caught up with Punk and went to
shave his head, but Punk escaped.
They announced Punk's hair at
stake for the PPV. They didn't
announce Rey's mask at stake
Rey Mysterio b C.M. Punk with a
619 in a street fight
Hart Dynasty b Caylen Croft &
Trent Barretta
Chris Jericho vs. Edge ended in a
double count out, so I guess that
means a three-way at Extreme
Rules. After the match, Edge
speared Jericho, and when
Swagger ran in, Edge speared him
as well

these are SPOILERS from the arena
so info may be INCORRECT
<a fan report>
* This week's SmackDown opens
with Chris Jericho cutting a promo
on Edge losing at WrestleMania.
Edge comes out and spears him.
Jack Swagger comes out, cashes in
the Money in the Bank briefcase,
and wins the World Heavyweight
* John Morrison & R-Truth b.
Cryme Tyme
- After the bout Cryme Tyme
appeared to break up.
* WWE Intercontinental Champion
Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy
- Drew hits his finisher on Hardy
but the match never gets started
* Dolph Ziggler b. The Great Khali
- Ziggler gets the win with a
sleeper hold
* CM Punk comes out and cuts a
promo saying he wants a re-
match against Rey Mysterio. He
said he's willing to sacrifice his
hair. On his way up the ramp,
Teddy Long stops him, and makes
a match tonight against him and
* Beth Phoenix & Tiffany b. WWE
Women's Champion Michelle
McCool & Layla
* Kane comes out and cuts a
promo. He says he's bored and
wants to take on the entire NXT
roster. Several members of the
NXT roster come out and attack
* Jack Swagger cuts a promo on
the 'state of the champ' Chris
Jericho comes out and tells
Swagger to give back his title.
Edge comes out and tells Swagger
to face him Teddy Long comes out
and stops the commotion. He says
that Chris Jericho will face Edge to
see who will face Swagger at
Extreme Rules.
* The Undertaker b. CM Punk
- After the match Undertaker gets
on the mic and says'never mistake
respect for weakness'.

★SMACKDOWN☆ - spoilers - 26th
these are SPOILERS from the arena
so info may be INCORRECT
<a fan report>
Smackdown opens with a
smackdown vs raw money in the
bank tag team match
Kane dolph ziggler matt hardy
Shelton Benjamin and drew
mcintyre vs Christian MVP Jack
swagger Evan bourne and the
newest money in the bank
participant kofi Kingston
Christian hits the killswitch but
legal man was drew and he hits
the finisher for the 1 2 3
After the match drew grabs a
ladder and sets it up to get the
briefcase but all 9 men rush to the
ring to knock him off
Beth pheonix vs vicky Match is
turned into a 5 on 1 handicap
Vicky gets the pinfal victory
after the match, Beth rips off
vickys pants and Vicky is wearing
excuse me underwear
Chris Jericho comes to the ring
and talks about wrestlemania and
how it's where dreams are born,
careers are ended and how he will
beat edge. He then goes on to say
how edge has come back from
injury after injury and has
everything to beat him except
DNA & how edge DNA is what has
made him get injured time and
time again edge comes out and
attacks goes for the spear but
Jericho gets out of the ring and
leaves his title edge picks it up
and holds it in the air
R-Truth Vs, BigShow ends as a no
This seems to be the end of the
show, I had difficulty adding the
spoilers due to very bad

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