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raw april 5 results

w@yne's ★RAW☆ results - 05th
Jack Swagger the NEW World
heavyweight champion is out as
RAW comes on air, Footage is
shown of Swagger winning the
title, Swagger says he took on
Jericho because he was a better
champion than Cena. Swagger
reveals he's moving to
SMACKDOWN. Cena comes out,
Cena says Swagger isn't
championship material, &
challenges Swagger to prove him
wrong, Cena offers to put his
WWE title on the line. Orton comes
out, & says he should face
Swagger, Miz & BigShow come out
also wanting Swagger, The GH
comes out he makes Orton Vs,
Swagger, ShoMiz Vs, Batista &
Cena in a tagtitle match
Kofi Kingston Vs, Sheamus
winner <sheamus>
Sheamus hits the pump kick twice,
followed by the razors edge for
the clean pin- after the match
sheamus hits kofi on the head
with a steel pipe
Sheamus says HHH is pathetic
after he cried last week when HBK
retired, Sheamus says he's gunna
...retire HHH. HHH comes out &
grabs a sledgehammer from under
the ring, HHH attacks Sheamus
who retreats, HHH calls Sheamus a
silly irish man bringing a pipe to a
sledgehammer fight
DIVA'S Battle Royal
Winner gets a title shot on NEXT
weeks RAW
winner <eve torres>
MizShow defend the Unified
Tagteam belts against John Cena &
Batista NEXT
winners <no contest>
Batista walks out on Cena, Cena
runs after him & they brawl down
the isle,
The GH comes out, & says MizShow
will be in action again against him
(NXT Rookie David Otunga) & Cena
for the titles
Ted Dibiase jr comes out wearing
the Million Dollar Championship
belt!, he says his dad was an
awful father & he's given him the
title & a large bank account to
make up for this.
Ted Dibiase Vs, Christian
winner <ted dibiase>
Not a bad match, Christian gets
lots of near falls, Dibiase hits
DreamStreet for the win
Non-title match
Jack Swagger Vs, Randy Orton
winner <randy orton>
Orton gets a clean win after
hitting RKO.
Unified TagTeam championship
© MizShow Vs, Cena & NXT rookie
winners <BigShow & Miz>
Otunga abandons Cena, Show gets
the pin, Batista then attacks Cena.
Otunga says Batista has an
announcement, Batista says he
will have his rematch at Extreme
Rules in a last man standing
NEXT week RAW is here in the UK,
GH is David Hasseloff

w@yne's ★RAW☆ results - 29th
The closing moments of last
nights WRESTLEMANIA are shown
as RAW comes on air,
FORMER WWE Champion Batista
makes his way to ringside, Batista
calls a fan a loser, the fan sticks up
his middle fingers at Batista (lol)
Batista says he's entitled to a re-
match & he wants it!. NEW WWE
Champion, John Cena comes out, A
huge CENA SUX chant starts, as
Cena says he defeated Batista &
makes fun of him, Cena talks
about the rematch but Batista
says not tonight, the 2brawl &
Batista retreats, from behind
Swagger attacks Cena with the
MITB briefcase, Swagger calls for a
referee but changes his mind &
calls off the match when Cena
recovers (match never officialy
Million Dollar Man, IRS, Roddy
Piper, Sgt Slaughter & other
LEGENDS make their way out &
surround the ring, the Guest Hosts
come out & are booed, Its
revealed the LEGENDS are
lumberjacks for the following
Christian Vs, Ted Dibiase jr
(Its announced Cody Rhodes
suffered a concusion at Mania &
will not be active in wwe for a
DIbiase is disstracted by the
legends fighting each over on the
outside, Dibiase shoves his dad
after the match.
An emotional HHH comes out for
an HBK promo calling it an end of
an era, he tells some old stories of
their DX past & from their
freindship. Sheamus attacks HHH
from behind with a metal bar
A rematch from last nights Diva
action is next =( once was enough
Bret Hart is out next, he pays his
respect to Shawn Michaels, Bret
says he feels great after finally
getting revenge on Vince, he says
his goodbyes & says he can finally
leave WWE & MIZSHOW come out,
Miz calls Bret a theif! & says Bret
has robbed him of tv time on
RAW over the last few months.
Miz says after his win on Mania
last night he's 1-0 only 17 wins
away from 18-0 & because of
that he's AWESOME! HE tells Bret to
get out of the ring. Bret says
make me, The Hart Dynasty come
out, MIZSHOW back down & go to
the back. Bret calls them back &
challenges them to face the Hart
Hart Dynasty win via countout,
Tyson locks in a Sharpshooter on
Miz, Bigshow pulls Miz out of the
ring & they walk away from the
Jack Swagger & Batista Vs, John
Cena & Triple H

RAW☆ results -
22nd March
HBK is out as RAW comes on air,
Shawn gives almost an heel
promo & says he can do anything,
such as beating Taker at Mania, he
plugs his new DVD, & says he will
be known as the Streak ender, (he
gets his script mixed up lol) the
lights go out & a video shows of
HBK's entire career, followed by
HBK's Career RIP 1985-2010,
Pete Rose the GH comes out, &
announces Kane Vs, HBK in a no
holds barred match & wants HBK
to get revenge for him for all the
things Kane has done to Pete Rose
in the past
Miz w/BigShow Vs, John Morrison
Highlights- Morrison hits a
moonsault on Miz on the outside
from the top rope,Miz hits multiple
neckbreakers on Morrison
including one through the middle
rope onto the ring apron!,
Winner <John Morrison>
Morrison hits Starship Pain for the
win, all 4men then brawl
BACKSTAGE: HHH tells Orton to
keep out of his way when they
are partners later tonight
MITB Qualifying Match
Kofi Kingston Vs, Vladimir Kozlov
Kozlov was the dominant one in
the match & put on a good show
Triple H & Randy Orton Vs,
Sheamus & The Legacy
Winners <Sheamus & Legacy>
Sheamus pins Orton after hitting
his pump kick, after the match
HHH clotheslines Sheamus over the
top rope
Bret Hart makes his way to the
ring, Bret says he's got exactly
what he wanted with his Mania
match against Vince, he gives his
usual 13year revenge speech,
Vince comes out & says Bret is
screwed one way or another this
Shawn Michaels Vs, Kane
Kane is on top form for this
match & dominates the first part
of the match, Kane misses the top
rope clothesline & HBK locks in the
Crossface, followed by an ankle
lock, HBK hits his Elbow from the
top rope, the lights go out &
UnderTaker appears & Chokeslams
HBK, the lights go out again &
Kane reappears & Taker has
vanished. Kane goes for the pin,
HBK kicks out
Winner <HBK>
HBK reverses a Tombstone
attempt & hits Sweet Chin Music
for the win
BACKSTAGE: Kane grabs Pete Rose
& attacks him in his office
Some pointless DIVA action is
A final Face-Off between Cena &
Batista is to end this weeks RAW
I seem to have zoned out through
the last hour of RAW wasn't the
best show

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