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wrestle mania result part 2

...& hits a running powerslam for a
2count, HHH comes back hitting a
DDT followed by a neckbreaker,
Sheamus reverses a Pedigree
attempt & hits his pump kick, HHH
kicks out at the 2count,
HHH hits Pedigree to get a clean
pin, good match from Sheamus
despite the loss

CM Punk Vs, Rey Mysterio
(If Mysterio loses he has to join
the Straight Edge Society)
The intros take forever! The isle is
so long,
Punk gets the early advantage thx
to distractions from Serena &
Gallows, Mysterio gets a 2count
after hitting a DDT, He goes for
619 Punk blocks & goes for GTS
Mysterio blocks & goes for a
FrogSplash but misses,
Rey hits 619 for the win

Vince McMahon Vs, Bret Hart
Bret is out first, still wearing his
street clothes & doesn't even give
a fan his glasses lol, followed by
Vince in his usual wrestling attire,
Vince gives a promo on his way
out & says Bret is about to be
screwed!, the match is changed! &
says Brets Family have now
screwed Bret! The Hart Dynasty &
other members of the Hart family
will be Vince McMahon, SPECIAL
LumberJacks! With Brets Son
Bruce as Guest Referee!
Bret reveals its a double cross, &
as Vince has already paid the
Harts, they are NOT working for
Vince! Bret goes to work on Vince,
The Hart Dynasty attack Vince,
Vince grabs a crobar from under
the ring & the Hart family back
off, Bret gets the crobar & hits
Vince with it, Bret hits lowblows
on Vince, (match isn't up to much
at all & crowd have gon dead)
Bret gets a chair & sits down in
the ring! YAWN!, He finally gets up
& hits Vince across the back with
the chair repeatedly, (no head
shots lol)
Bret pounds & pounds on Vince
with the chair & finally locks in
Via submission

72,219 is the official attendance

WORLD Heavyweight
<C> Chris Jericho Vs, Edge
A slow start to the match, Jericho
wears out Edge,
Edge hits a crossbody from the
top rope, Jericho reverses the pin
attempt & goes for Wall Of
Jericho, Edge reverses,
Edge goes for Spear, Jericho
counters & locks in walls of
jericho, Edge hits an IMPALER DDT,
Jericho kicks out, Jericho goes for
a Spear but runs into a boot from
Edge, Edge goes for Spear but
Jericho hits a Codebreaker Edge
kicks out,
Jericho stomps on the ankle of
Edge & again locks in Walls Of
Jericho,Edge gets to the rope &
the hold is broken, they spill to the
outside & Jericho grabs the title &
hits Edge with it,
Jericho hits Codebreaker after the
title shot to the head,
After the match Edge spears
Jericho through the barrier
outside the ring.

Diva action is NEXT - w@yne says
its break time!

WWE Championship
<C> Batista Vs, John Cena
Theirs a show by some army guys
b4 Cena comes out, which the
crowd boo lol
Batista is aggresive going to work
on Cena, Cena gets Batista up for
an AA, Batista reverses with a
nasty DDT, Batsita hits a
spinebuster, Cena ...

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