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story of a blind girl x - Newest pictures

♥α βlιηđ gιгl-fυll sτσry♥

13.08.2011 09:04 EDT

There was a blind girl who nobody liked exept her boyfriend, she was sad because she would never see the world, and nobody would know her true potential. One day her boyfriend asked her to marry him, she said she would if she could see again,...... and the next day she got surgery because someone donated a pair of eyes to her~~~ When she woke up and opened her eyes for the first time, she was amazed at how muck she had been missing out. her boyfriend came up to her and asked if she would marry him now that she could see, she was surprised to see that her boyfriend was blind too, so she rejected him, and he left..... ~~~ many days later she found a letter addressed to her, the mailman said the person who wrote this letter had died in a car accident, she asked the mail man who it was and he told her the guys name, she said he was better off dead because he was blind, ~~~ when the mailman left she opened the letter~~~ said the following................. My dearest love, I am so sorry that you feel this way about me, however, I want you to know that i will always love you, You are forever in my heart and I will never marry someone else, I am glad that you can see the world now, Keep my eyes and see the world for me, ~~~ your heartborken love The girl read the story..... And she finaly found out...... That the person who had "oh so kindly" donated the eyes were none other than her lost love, That day she went to the funural of her departed, when everyone was gone she, wept on the coffin, until she could hardly breathe~~~ she felt his presence~~~ ~~~ she felt his warm embrace in the wind~~~ and then she SAW HIM...or his spirit..... ........ ..................... "i'm sorry, so so sorry" she begged and cried he only smiled and hugged her close. the last thing she heard was a soft "I love you..." and he was gone. she cried and begged for him to come back and when he didn't..... ...she went up to him coffin and oppened it.... ......There was him beutiful face, looking all soft and peacful.... she gulped because what she was about to do scared her.... but she didn't care. she said " if i can't live a life with you, i'll just join you." and with that she ripped her eyes out~~~~~ ~~~ she shreiked in pain but somehow managed to get the eyes back in her boyfreind head. She now knew that she had never actualy stoped loving her boyfriend... .......the pain was too much, and she had her brain seriously dammaged...... her heart beat once, twice, and she was gone~~~ *+*+*+ the next day when some of the mourners came back to look at the boy one more time,... ....what they saw scared them, there was the boy in the coffin....with a small smile on his lips, ...........and there was the girl.....being held in his the coffin..... ......her eyes were torn out...but there was a smile on her lips too...... they looked like they were both lying down hugging each other... *+*+*+* the mourners called the police*+*+* it was time to bury the boy, but now they had to bury the girl too.... when they tried to unclasp his arms around the girl, it wouldn't budge, they tried the same with the girl and it was the same~~~ when they couldn't take it anymore and on of the men grabbed the dead girls hair in fury and pulled, a strong blast of howling wind came out of nowhere and knocked him off his feet. ~~~ the old priest saw this and smiled gently~~~ he said "this is the meaning of true love, separating these two would be a great sin, even in death" *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+++*+*+*+ +**+**+*+*+*+*+*+*+**++*+* They two lovers were burried together, even their bodies, there forever, just like their undying love~~ So there was a memorial built in honor of the two lovers, the True love memorial~~~ Whenever there's a fight between two lovers, they would go to the memorial, and there they would forgive each other, because like everyone knows, Even if humans and mortals don't live forever, though we might fight and make mistakes sometimes, ~~~True Love Lasts Forever, in life and in death.~~~ The~End!!!
True love nvr die..great job
28.09.2011 08:38 EDT,
wow..breath taking.. gooood job... im almost emotional..
I love this story
01.09.2011 22:42 EDT,
Dis is fantastic
28.08.2011 11:39 EDT,
Full & full feel...heart touching...story...
26.08.2011 11:40 EDT,

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