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in ref2comments

29.09.2010 14:04 EDT
Two of my very close frnds hav put their comments on my yesterday's blog ! i hav a lot of respect4them4their vision !
So the two things i want to tell u is, no-1> The word 'change' sud not be seen in the eyes of a physist !
Rather it has a philosophical angle ! n justice cud be done !

While using the word change, i was only concerned of the change,which was abnormal !
2ndly,all changes u have reffered,that we observe is in accordance with the normal&preset cosmic rhythm !
Inke rahasya agar tum samajh loge,then u can predict them ! i meant to say in the entry that a careful watch ll say that
All the events, may that be earthly or heavenly are always happening in an order &governed by some laws of nature !
A revolving earth, an expanding universe or simply a rock rolling down hill,always follows a predefined path&they dont
show any unexpected change in there position or properties untill the constants (like G,g,M0 or M are unchanged !
They have discipline and they always play a FAIR GAME ! but we human beings are not ! we change our colour with time !
This is what i have said in that entry ! thank you both of u frnds !
Part 5th end ;- and we havent had succeeded creating energy also not yet obtained the supernatural energy whereas we can feel supenatural energy . Changes in world occure to derive new n farewel old .
30.09.2010 04:46 EDT,
Part 4th continued :- we come to conclusion that we havent have the rights what GOD has created what he'll do further coz what we have maximum obtained is energy transfer in electronic or radiational form which are merely physical forms of energy and.....
30.09.2010 04:39 EDT,
3rd part continued :- although no one stands promptly for big bang if we assume it is true who made big bang where from entities came to happen this phenomenon if we ignore these questions we see all the universe has changed . Thus we come an conclusion
30.09.2010 04:26 EDT,
2nd part Continued : any entity in universe is merely what he plays a kalchakra if isnt he do so the world will be stable and un imaginable . Scientist say a big bang occured trillions of years ago to emerg into world no one promtly stand by this theory
30.09.2010 04:16 EDT,
If u had seen farway from universe u hardly could see our sun and not earth means dont take physicist or phylosopically When Anant Koti Bramhand Nayak has given birth to universe has kept all mysterical keys to his hands and so if we study abot any ...
30.09.2010 04:05 EDT,

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