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Tell me why ?

16.10.2010 00:15 EDT
Since the begining of islam, where ever went, went on breaking temples, churches or synagogues ! History says evn the
Libraries and the universities were not spared apart from the rape of women, massacre & mercyless genocides of people !
In india alone, more than 30,000 Temples were destroyed, Nalanda, the university was ruined by islamic militia !
may it be ayodhya, kashi or kaba in arab, mosques were built on pre-existing shrines ! why the shrines were targeted,
It is a different issue but its not some thing that we can turn our face away !

I Was having the view that,india should 4 get its bad experience of her past and move ahead taking all the faiths2gether
becoz we shuld give priority to Our national unity ! As an elder brother the hindus should initiate the sacrifice but it
the more a person sacrifies, the more becomes the expectation !
The ayodhya incidents may be taken into consideration !
Some people dont understand the responsibiliy they soulder as a true national&see the judgement as the defeat of Gods !
its very dangerous thing ! but Yes it should be seen as a nation's corrective measure in the direction of a national
Resurgence !

But one of my online frnd has a view that Babar did not destroy temple of ram janma bhumi rather he constructed a mosque
Over a rejected structure which was not being used as a temple, is not just an eye wash but its a sinister design of
manipulating history ! i hav a few qstns, 1> Who gave babar,the right to attack india ? 2> who gave him the rights to
To turn an pre-existing hindu shrine in to a mosque ?3> iF u justify the demolishn becouse it was not in use by hindus,
Then y the demolishn of a site is not justified4construction of a temple which was not being used by muslims 4 namaz ?

How can u gain confidence of your brother when u are standing with his enemy Babar ?
Kuch logon ko purani ghao ko kuredne ki bimari hoti hai ve bhul jate hai k pep,chat platform hai,koi ldai ka maidan nhi!
Jo log gamon ko bhulake huske gale milna chahte hain unke bhavnaon ke sath khilvad mat kro,ane wali pidhi maf nei krega!
Teri chut randi. Tu love ke bahane se chudwaya nahi. Randi natak kar rahi. Teri maa ki chinal zaat, tere baapki bhadwe ki zaat hai ke nahi bata, Wo dono ki chudwayi ka result teri paidaish hai na randi. Sabko bata ke tu abtak kitno se chudi ho. Tera pati tujhe kyun chod diya. Randi badi dhongi baatein karti hai. Teri girihuyi badchalan character apne pass hi rakh bhosadi. Yaha tera chinalpan ka chehra sab jante hain. Teri chut ki pyaas bujane tune abtak kitno ko blackmail kiya hai sab pata hai. Chinal sudharja, isse pehle ke tujhe paschatap ka chance bhi miss na hojaye
28.02.2011 06:28 EST,
Kya Banane Aye The Kya Bana Bethe, Khi Mndir Bna Bethe, Khi Mszid Bna Bethe, Ham Se To Achhi Hai JAATI Parindo Ki, Kbhi Mndir Pe Ja Bethe Kbhi Msjid Pe Ja Bethe.
22.10.2010 14:09 EDT,
Every king has rights to develop his kingdom and expand empire but Babar was neverthless a king and empror he came Gulamwansh a slave of khalif so only he should have done is looted bharat and kept it under his rule by defeating rulers here ....
18.10.2010 08:55 EDT,
Its true. You know friend, hypocracy is the primary cause of this dilemma. Thnx with regards.
18.10.2010 06:02 EDT,
Babar tried to prove he also like hinduyisam .he constructioned a ram mandir in ayodya.but the design of temple was in a deferent way.thats way hindus r not accept as mandir.
17.10.2010 20:37 EDT,
I share your feelings didi.. I agree to a great extent..
17.10.2010 07:49 EDT,
hmne itihas se kuch nhi sikha.jis samay mohd.bin kasim ne sbse prathm hindu rajya jo aaj afganistan ko ronda jabran logo ko muslm bnaya us unpurvjo ne kaha tha ki hmari aane wali pidhi pritkar karegi prantu....
17.10.2010 03:04 EDT,
Kshma shobti us bhujang ko jiske pas garal h.use nhi jo dmt hin vishheen vineet saral h.
17.10.2010 02:55 EDT,
mein pallavee ji me aap se sehmat hu. Koi bhi dharam dusre dharam ko distroy nhi karna chahta. Magar uske anuyayi apni ichchao ke liye dharam ke naam per ladte he. Prophet Mohammad ne apne sathiyo ko jab dharam youdh ke liye bhejha to unko aadesh diya tha ki kisi ke dharm sthalo ko na todna , aur uske pujariyo ko mat marna striyo aur bacho aur vradh logo ko kuch mat kahna. Artharh islam me jab bhi yudh hua vo prtisodh ya aatm rakha ke liye hua. Magar kuch logo ne iski paribhasha hi badal di. Aur vo bhul gye ki hum sab ek eswar ke bande he. Bhagwan hame sat buddhi de. Aur aapsi matbhed du...
17.10.2010 02:32 EDT,
17.10.2010 02:14 EDT,

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