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midnight swoop


13.06.2011 12:10 EDT
Swish Bank authourity has said that most of the black money deposited in their bank is,from india ! The ammount is said to be 280lakh Crore and this is only a fraction of the total black money of, over 400lakh Crore ! Now if the 200years of british rule, total loss in cash myt be arround 200crore which means the financial damage caused during, entire british rule falls far behind, during the period of 64 years of Post independence era ! Now as out of these 6decades, Indian National Congress has the (DIS)Credit Of being in power for 5 decades, and was in the power in the most vital transitions, like in the year 1947 or in the 90's when we were helplessly accepted the global financial Liberalisations, so the bottom line is, non other than congress party is responsible or credited for all that we achieved or lost, during the nations post independence journey !

Now, As mentioned above, Right from the period of Our 1st P.M. mr Nehru, We had our money turning black and more and money went on being added in the account of black money,during the other successive Govts and now we are at a stage where our black money in Swiss and other Banks are more than

1.3 trillion US $ !
The ammount,which is much more than our GDP And ammounts to be 6.3 times that of our national debt !
OMG... While we have so much money which can make us stay at the No.1 Financial power, onthe other hand,we have a debt which our Next Generation has to repay, repay and go on repaying !!!

There has been a Tug of war between these Corrupt but influencial politicians(read as INC) and big corporate houses, with the opponents the nationalists which were en mass but weak due to the lack of co-ordination between them n Due to which, the Jan lok pal bill,was pending at some garbage outlet of the GOI, for the last 42years ! If any body was a giant Crusader against the Corruption of the dynastic political Power epicenters and the corruptiion as well,he was the one man army, Dr Subrahmaniyam Swami AND an IITan Dr Rajiv Dixit, the AZADI VACHAO ANDOLAN FAME !

Now after When Swami Ramdev took the Captainship,his abitity to blend the Nationalism with spiritualism worked well and now the nation as a whole, except a few antinationals are scared of this awakening of India thus, the attempt to repeat the Jalianwala wagh season (¡¡) !
while d concept on black evolves around INC and why did the leaders of d opposition were silent and why a Baba Ramdeo or Anna Hazare to give a wake up call.
13.10.2011 10:42 EDT,
Congress has lost its value in contemporary era.. it can no longer play under gandhi so called national dream .. i don't know why rahul gandhi was mourning with villagers of bhatta pursol where police action took place .. on other hand just after few days more than 5thousand police when crushed sleeping poor but real nationalist .. but rahul gandhi is now missing .. this is the real face of congress ..
18.06.2011 19:55 EDT,
Congress has nothing to do but blame other parties especially B.J.P. It has become a game for congress.
16.06.2011 01:55 EDT,
sameer or whoever, pl mind your language of your comments specially when you are commenting on my post ! my reply to the psychic person like you is, there are many bastards in the civil society as well, who are only interested to show their hatered for a perticular group of people ! and a question for you is, now when The b.j.p. is supporting the anti corruption movement,y dont you thank b.j.p. for it hascome to support us?and what were you doing when there was an attempt to kill baba ramdev ? there was no b.j.p then ? did you condemn this autocratic congress thru your blog or something?ur req...
15.06.2011 03:40 EDT,
Why only congress the mother fu(k€r, BJP is also no less all are same bastards.
15.06.2011 00:13 EDT,
Apke dwara diye aankde or jankari bahut important h.vinash kale vipreet budhi-congress ka prabhv nishchit h.isiliye wo hthdhrmita pr utr aayi h.
14.06.2011 12:34 EDT,

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