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Depavli then,now & in the future !

25.10.2011 03:40 EDT
Purane jamane me log shayd Anpadh gvar the jo Diwali me khte the ''Jai Ram ji ki '' !

Padhe likhe Sanskari logon ko ye sab pasand nei aaya,wo kehne lage ''Dipavli ki shubh kamnayen'' !

Fir kuch suit boot wale angrezi pdhe log khna suru kiye ''Happy Diwali'' !

Aaj to kuch log yeh bhi khne lage hain,''Diwali Mubaraq ho, aamin'' !

Agle dshak me suney ko milega ''Shab-E-Depak '' !

Aur agle shatavdi me ?

Deep wale baba ka shalana Urss ?

Koi bataye hum kya khen ? Gavar jo hain,varna hum ya to Barvadi ki Dukan khol rhe hote

yaa fir. . .

Pepe ko gali deke ghr me chup chap bethe hote !

Dipavali Mangal may ho ! Iswar hum sb ki ankhen khole !
Mrs/Mr soulmate again, perhaps u must be from the group,where most of them do see the things in the Islamic Context at once n 4ever ! any way, i want to make it clear that, there is nothing islamic in this entry as such ! it should be seen as my grief for, the impose/mixing of a foreign language over an Indian language/tradition ! i.e. deepavali is an indian tradition and if 1 goes to greet then a foreign language need not be used ! and asking, do u think, the use of the english term 'happy diwali', did hurt Christians ? if it dsnt then y muslims should be hurt when urdu/arabic words?
29.10.2011 09:17 EDT,
if u want to save ur culture that nt mean to choose wrong way....and dnt use the islamic terms to discribe ur fear about future...bcz it hurting to all muslim deep emotion....jai hind
29.10.2011 08:51 EDT,
be practical and moderate....and dnt hate with muslim..... shubh depotsav
28.10.2011 06:05 EDT,
The term Deepavali or Dipawali is basically formed on d basis of welcoming Lord Rama's victory over the gr8 villain Lankapati Ravan. It was a victory over evil. The Deepavali has been reduced to Diwali becos of the unaffordable high costing of the crackers and allied other the term changed Diwala hui by the working Diwali...and about the future... Only Lord Ram has take another birth and proves his mightiness and chase the gunda's and corrupt Politicians away...then we can definitely wish to celeberate it as Deepawali. Nice blog friend.
28.10.2011 03:50 EDT,
purane log jo kehate the wo such hai diwali ramji kayodhya wapis aaneki khushime manaya jata hai purane log anparh the par agyani nhi the unhi ki vajaha se aaj hum shikshit hain
27.10.2011 01:34 EDT,
ha ha ha... apki soch me dum h .
26.10.2011 03:35 EDT,
जो भी आपने कहा वह सत्य है, पर इसके लिए समय की परिवर्तनशीलता व भाषा की लोच उत्तरदायी है. यह आवश्यक भी है क्योंकि जड़ होकर कोई भाषा चिरस्थायी नहीं बन सकती. तथापि स्वभाषा, संस्कृति व सभ्यता को अक्षुण्ण बनाए रखने के लिए महत्ती प्रयासों की आवश्यकता है. दीपोत्सव आपके लिए शुभ व मंगलमय हो, यही कामना है. जय श्री कृष्ण..॥

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