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cosmic history

Into a journey called Life

14.12.2011 10:36 EST
Nasad’asinno sad’asittadanim
Nasid’rajo no vyoma paro yat
kimavarivah kuhaka’sya sharmann
ambhah kimasidgahanam gabhiram

The aforesaid verse is the Nasadiya sukta
(please click to read it in full )

From the Rig Ved (N.B: The word ‘Ved’ means Knowledge ) ! Though the verses don’t bear the signature of E.Hubble or A. Einstein nor it contains the complex mathematical derivatives of the 21st century, but it certainly brings a great satisfaction for us for it was the first instance, when the human being and his quest conquered the contemporary idea to understand the cosmos was unfolded !

If the Vedas could be taken as the book for science, it makes us proud Bharatiya that, before 5000 years our ancestors begun their quest and gave a new dimension to cosmology which was succeeded in conceiving the idea of “big bang” &
If it is taken as a religious text only, the revolutionary idea of the so called Pagans or Polytheists, on the origin of the universe is unparallel & unmatched!

If that was the primordial gigantic fire ball as referred in the the Big Bang, the Vedas regard this as, the Brahm ! And the whole material universe is the transformation of energy from the Brahm, thus has unfolded himself and taken the form of matter which we name as ‘the birth’ or the ‘sristi’ and at a certain point of time ( Ref to chatuh yug ), the whole material universe will annihilate into the Brahm, which would be “the end” of the material universe or “Pralay” !

The bottom line reads, we all the human beings are only the blessed ones for we know the secret that “life is nothing but a journey, which has The Brahm at both, the ends” !
Hari oum
What is LIFE according to you mam?
18.12.2011 10:03 EST,
Srn ki lhc pryojna vigyan ke itihas ki sbse vishal or sbse mhgi pariyojna h.iska uddeshy ek ese sukshm kn ka pta lgana tha jiske karan vibhinn sukshm kno m bhar hota h,is kn ka nam hings boson h.ise large hedron collider m bahut teji se suksn kno ko aps m tkrakr prapt kiya gya h,yani artificially bing bang yani sristi ki aarmbh jesi sthiti bnai kn jo mila h iski gti prakash ki gti se bhi bahut zyada h.hmara nasadiya sukta iski bhi advance vyakhya h.aapne bahut sunder points sukta srishti or brahm ki adhbhut vyakhya krta h,jbki boson sirf srithi ki adi ki vyakhya ka sutra shayd h...
15.12.2011 02:05 EST,
Nasadiya sukta,rigved ka bahut hi mahattvpurn sukta h,mahapraly ka esa tatvic digdrshn shayd hi khi mile,apke lekh bahut hi sunder h..!
14.12.2011 12:26 EST,

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