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The true brethren ????

25.12.2011 08:27 EST
The entry is about a blog post in and some communication related to that post !
12.11.2011 01:42 IST
Just think ()
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Read all religies books. And you will find the best one is islam. Islam gives a perfect life style, Way of faith and a meaning full style of worship. Muslims are doing 5 time prayer, every year one month fasting with paying fitra and zakat. Giving qurbani in Eid-ul-azha and if we muslims have money we have to perform Hajj also .

And the beauty of islam is brotherhood. Two or more muslim, from any part of world, from any colour or life style can eat in one plate and can drink water in one glass. Because all muslims are brother and sisters. But other can not do this am sure.
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Krbla war me kya hua tha, muhammad jee ko kisne kis pristhiti me jhar diya gya, aur unka jnaja bhi nei utha tha par idhar khalifa ki ldai chalu ho gyi, ya fir ali kyun 3 bar caliph nei bne,ispe me kuch khna nei chahti,ye apki apni smasya hai jo aj tk sulajh nei payi par ap chahe jitne kosis kro islamic brother hood dikhane ki, pr wo khin hai nei ya ho bhi nei skti ! aurangzeb ko hum bhul kese skte hain dr asl koi bhi muslim ruller nam btaiye jisne bharat aur bhartiyon k prati vidvesh nei apnayi ? ise bhi hum bhulne ki koshis kr skte hain par unlogon ka kya kiya jaye, jo aurangzeb,qasim aur gho...
14.12.2011 22:53 IST, Fire Baby (Strictly no talks on

Jis bat ka pata na ho wo bat mat kiya short Karbala me imam hussain shahid hue thy. Hum marny waly ky sathi hain aur shiya maarny waly ky. Soch kar batao orangzeb ko kya hua aur aap maf kar sakty hain ? Jaisy orangzeb ki wajah se aaj har muslim ko bura mana jata hai waisy he hum shiya's ko manty hain. Simple
14.12.2011 00:04 IST, Minha (dirty profile thik karo ya jao )
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Aap kisi shiya ko ye kah kar milo ki tum sunni ho to pata chal jayega sach kya hai. Muslims bjp aur rss ko like nahi karty par ye shiya anti muslims group me kyon hain ? Modi ny jo kiya us ko to hindu bhai bahan bhi thik nahi kahty phir shahanawaz husrain modi ki chamcha giri karny gujrat kyon gaya tha ?
13.12.2011 16:22 IST, Minha (dirty profile thik karo ya jao )
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Muslims bjp aur rss ko like nahi karty par ye shiya anti muslims group me kyon hain ? this was what you have wrote in your comment perhaps ! pooja, allias minha or whatever, your comment proves me correct that shias are not muslims as per u, the sunnis ! who are they ? obviously, they are the kafirs and as per your brand of islam they are subject to be eliminated ! isnt it ? so this is your islamic brotherhood as you have entered !
13.12.2011 22:44 IST, Fire Baby (Strictly no talks on s3x)
» Message to Fire Baby (Strictly no talks on s3x)

Urgenly rem0ve below c0mment 4m Indian Anti muslim lady(karnataka-state) ... Then Allah m0re Happy with you ma Sistah wid friend, Okey. Amen:D .

The above was the comment of dollbarbie

Stopd aLL n0nsenses Here by you br0ther or your s0 calld wr0ng Mental sis 4m KARNATAKA india, Actually She is Insidely ANTI MUSLIM/ISLAMIC dirty Mind Lady, otherwise she never give Any Argue fa Any matter. i have lot of Pr00f How much HINDUISM wr0ng And lot of ruller were So BAD...OKEY. so, put in ur mind for Life Time dats True Fact @Dirty pep.c0m .. GOD be blessd u All, Amen:'DD ..

Again this was the abuser doll barbie, who herself makes pep dirty but cries, sheds crocodile tear for the lack of cleanlyness in pep !

Yeh hai ek jihadi/jannati jo mujhe jannt ki lollypop dikha rhi thi

jst Dcent ppl, Stay away Dirty guys/gals (female, 22)
Karachi, Pakistan
Last login: today
People-Categories: Party people

To: saba.qamar
Sent: 23.12.2011 04:54 IST
Dirty,illeterate and Brainless beggers, dont mind their language specially talking to me ! dont you know to talk respectfully in the same way you are respected ? And who told you i am interested to enter your lusty,fairy tell kinda islmamic paradise of 72 virgins ? That place may be the a final destination of the lechers like muhammads,not me ! Remember i had asked, what will happen to your jannat and the jannatis, on the days of big crunch ? If you dont have the answer then your bullshit proves you are never been to school Perhaps ! May be you are still in the madrassa of the 7th century But y 4get its the 21st century ?

From: saba.qamar
Sent: 23.12.2011 01:23 IST
Sb se Badi Sachchai toh tuuz se hzm nahi hoti, waise tooh k0n hoti hai, Islam ko Toh Khud almighty Allah/God khud protect krtaa hai, anti mind aurat, tera thikhana toh jahnnum hai, yea hamesha yaad rakhna, muslim ke siwa koi jannati nahi ho sakta.. Holy quran uthale, tuu bhi jannati ho jaayegi , yakeenan.

-----Original Message-----
From: Fire Baby (Strictly no talks on s3x)
Sent: 22.12.2011 12:32 EST

Mujhe ignore krne se phle ap ne apke liye meri reply pdh to li hogi ? kuch logon ko suchhai hazm nei hoti ! khin wo id bhi apki to nei hai ?
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Comdemning The author of the blog entry (after being termed as, dirty mind, hell bound and many more and being on her ignores,)
I had suggested not to hurt others religious sentiment, I would react to her blog by saying, “Out of all the religious texts/religions i have read, I came to theconclusion that, Islam is best ,
but only in a sense that,
it produces illogical, intolerant,blind believers and abusing madrassa bound propagonists like,

Saba qamar, (who iBelieves in bribing me a free pass to Islamic Jannat ),

Doll barbie (toggling between Pakistan and Israel )

minha(her new blog (?) where se lied that she was a hindu girl who accepted islam in love with a muslim guy, Taqiah ? So I could not understand what worths her more : Islam or the Guy ? what if she meets a non muslim again and falls in love with him ? I ask her if, it’s just a trick out of cheap mentality of a shrude person ?)

may I req u to unignore me(so that, every one could see the comments of me and others who were bullying abusing me ?) and instead of being evasive, to respond to the points I had raised there ,If u can and if u please ?
I personally dont get the reason behind this texts.
17.05.2012 11:32 EDT,
Its a pity for all d religious souls who fight one is above or below. If we really understand one thing very clear dat....''we were humans'' first and after dat we go on nd become in watever form or in d name of religion. When a person living/dead are all d same and d sect or divulgence of religionism is nothing bt creation of personal profitability. If muslims are brothers nd sisters nd they wud sit nd eat in one plate nd drink water in one glass...why dont u do it wid other religion...are they nt human. Paining to read d fight of supremacy nd d result is no one wud get ...
28.12.2011 05:28 EST,

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