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concept of true love - Newest pictures

Concept Of True Love

04.06.2012 08:37 EDT

Concept Of True Love

It is so common that the meaning of love has been restricted in the modern age to the love relationship between a man and a woman. This is a very narrow-minded view of love. Islam has is own comprehensive view of love.

The fist type of love that Islam calls for is the Love of Allah (swt). This love makes you avoid committing sins in order not to make whom you love, Allah (swt), get angry with you. This love also urges you to contemplate all the different aspect of nature that usually leads you to have a deeper faith in the Creator who created all this beauty round us.

The second type of love is the love of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This love also makes you follow the example of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in all his dealings and manners. Also this love is an indication of the love of Allah (swt).

——— Allah (swt) says: ► Say: "If ye do love Allah, follow me: Allah will love you and forgive you your sins; for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." Say: "Obey Allah and His Messenger"; but if they turn back, Allah loveth not those who reject Faith.
sura AL~E~IMRAN chapter 3 verse 31-32

The third type of love is human love. It means that the Muslim has to love his other fellow men regardless of their ethnic, linguistic or cultural background. This includes love of neighbors, colleagues, relatives and even strangers. This type of love persuades the Muslim to help anybody whenever he can.

——— Allah (swt) says: ► The Prophet is closer to the Believers than their own selves, and his wives are their mothers. Blood-relations among each other have closer personal ties, in the Decree of Allah, than (the Brotherhood of) Believers and Muhajirs: nevertheless do ye what is just to your closest friends: such is the writing in the Decree (of Allah).
sura AL AHZAB chapter 33 verse 6

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "By Him in Whose Hand my soul is, you will not enter Paradise unless you believe, and you will not believe unless you love each other. Should I direct you to something that if you constantly did it, you would love each other? Spread the greetings of peace among you."
(Sahih Muslim)

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "None of you becomes a believer till he loves me more than his father, and his children and all mankind."
(Sahih Al-Bukhari & Sahih Muslim)

The fourth type of love is the love between a man and a woman, but Islam organizes and regulates these lofty feelings within the framework of marriage because Islam views that marital love leads the couple to have a peaceful and happy family life, which is the core of the Muslim society.

In other words, this love is acceptable as long as it is within the framework of marriage and this is encouraged in a number of verses in the Qur'an.

——— Allah (swt) says: ► And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts); verily in that are Signs for those who reflect.
sura AR ROOM chapter 30 verse 21

How can a father's love for his son be known? This love itself is not something visible or tactual. It can be known only from his behavior, attitude and words towards his son. If a wise and fair person pays due attention to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) utterances and studies the reports describing his efforts to guide men to the right course, his strictness in protecting everybody's rights and his magnanimous and compassionate efforts for the establishment of beautiful morals, he will clearly see that his love for his Ummah (community) is much more than that of a father for his son.

——— Allah (swt) says: ► Say: If it be that your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your mates, or your kindred; the wealth that ye have gained; the commerce in which ye fear a decline; or the dwellings in which ye delight― are dearer to you than Allah or His Messenger or the striving in His cause; then wait until Allah brings about His decision: and Allah guides not the rebellious.
sura AT TAWBA chapter 9 verse 24

——— Allah (swt) says: ► Yet there are men who take (for worship) others besides Allah, as equal (with Allah); they love them as they should love Allah. But those of faith are overflowing in their love for Allah. If only the unrighteous could see, behold, they would see the Punishment: that to Allah belongs all power, and Allah will strongly enforce the Punishment. Then would those who are followed clear themselves of those who follow (them); they would see the Chastisement and all relations between them would be cut off.
sura AL BAQARA chapter 2 verse 165-166

"Whoever possesses three attributes will experience the sweetness of belief: that he loves Allah (swt) and His Messenger more than anything else; that he loves someone for the sake of Allah (swt) alone; and he hates reverting to disbelief as much as he would hate being thrown into a fire."

"Whoever loves for the sake of Allah (swt), and hates for the sake of Allah (swt), and befriends for the sake of Allah (swt) and shows enmity for the sake of Allah (swt), would get Allah's friendship. Without abiding by this, no one can get the real taste (sweetness) of Iman (Belief) though he may have been a frequent offerer of prayer (Saifit) and fasts. Today people keep relationship, and love only for some worldly reason but this will not provide them any benefit (on the Day of Judgement)."

Jazak-Allah khair, I like people like U and always enjoy living with them
20.01.2015 01:03 EST,

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