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shiva - Newest pictures

Shiva Hindus God

21.06.2012 12:40 EDT
Attributes of Lord Shiva
Shiva's main attributes are :
*. the trident that represents the three gunas
*. the snakes that show he is beyond the power of death and poison and also stand for the Kundalini energy.
*. the sound of Shiva's two-sided drum maintains the rhythm of the heartbeat and creates the sound AUM in the overtones.
*. the vehicle of Shiva is the white bull called Nandi (the joyful).
*. Shiva is often seated on a tiger skin or wears a tiger skin, with the tiger representing the mind.
*. Shiva lives on Mount Kailasa in the Himalayas.
The power or energy of Shivais Shakti, his spouse, of whichParvati is probably the most popular form. Shiva's first wife was Sati and his second wife was Parvati. They are also known by many other names, such as Uma, Gauri, Durga , Kali , Annapurna and Shakti . His sons are Ganesha and Kartikeya .
Shiva and Parvati are often shown as sitting in happy, intimate embrace. They also like to discuss philosophy. Shiva taught Parvati on Vedanta (transcendent knowledge), while Parvati tought him Sankhya (cosmological knowledge). Bothwere perfected yogis.
After their marriage, they left for mount Kailash and immersed themselves completely in a sexual intercourse so strong that thedeity of desire Kama was reborn when their sweat mingles with his ashes. Their love was so intense that it shook the cosmos and frightened even the gods.
The balance between male and female can also be obtained in marriage, when both partners complement each other to form an ultimateoneness, which is the source of creation. When Shiva does his destructive Tandava dance, Parvati is said to complement him with a slow, creative step of her own, calming him with her soft glances. While Shiva shows a wilder nature that is both ascetic and erotic, Parvati stands for the middle path of the householder. As Shiva exulted in his romantic dalliance with her, the true mother in her longed for a child. Shiva resisted the life ofa householder, but Parvati's desire for it was greater thanhis resistance. Hence first Ganesha was born, later also Kartikay.
The Shiva Lingam
Lord Shiva is conceived in hisunborn, invisible form as the Shiva Lingam. The Lingam represents the male creative energy of Shiva. This main symbol of Shiva is worshippedin virtually every Hindu temple and home. The phallus is not worshipped as such, but through it Shiva is worshipped as the supreme consciousness. Embracing the base of the linga is the yoni, the female organ, as the universal energy, as Shakti, Shiva's spouse. Through profound understanding of this symbol, the mystery of creation can be understood as an act of love.
When Ganga incarnated on Earth, Lord Shiva captured her in his hair to avoid that she would flood all of Earth (See the Life of Ganga ).
Shiva worshippers (Shaivites)are among India's most asceticyogis, their body smeared with ashes, dressed in saffron colors and wearing a Rudraksha mala. The path of Shiva can thus be seen as the inward-going path, the great journey to find the self. This path is complementary tothe path of Vishnu, which is the outgoing path, bringing out the self from within and letting it manifest in the universe and our lives
god is great
06.07.2013 05:27 EDT,

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