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happy independence day india

Happy Independence day

14.08.2011 10:14 EDT
Where is India ?

What do you people think – for us, India is a Country or just a Name ? According to me today India is just a name for us because today we are all self-centered, we don’t have any concern for this country or its people. We have concerns only for our family, our society & our community. We are least bothered about this Country where we live in & that’s the only Irony of this Country. We people pretends to be patriotic only at Republic Day & Independence Day but when it comes to us to actually do something for this Country than we have thousands of excuses for it.

=> What is patriotism for us ?

For us Patriotism means paying all our taxes on time, not indulging in bribery or performing our work honestly…that’s it. Is it so….Does our patriotism ends over here…?Huh.. if this is our patriotism than just forget it….I don’t wanna comment anymore on it. For me patriotism means working for the betterment of the society.. that How can I actively participate in the development of this Country…How can I work for the welfare of the people who resides over here Or How can I make this Country a better place to live. And I know that by making some efforts I CAN DO IT… what I have to do is put all of my efforts first to make myself capable & than put some of my concern to the welfare of the Country.

What we had done to this Country ?

I feel really ashamed when someone says that this Country doesn’t have any future.
On one side people over here starves with hunger, lives a miserable life, they doesn’t have enough money to meet their daily expenses & send there children’s to schools. Bureaucracy & Corruption is at its par, and population is ready to devour everything, terrorism & naxalism had broken the back of this country, casteism has spoiled the education system, Youngster strolls in search of job & there blood boils up by looking at their degrees – Just take a look at the incident that shows the burn-fire within the heart of youngsters ….

“ Ek baar ek ladka apni degriyaan jala raha tha tab ek bhale aadmi ne us se puchhaa ki tum ye kya kar rahe ho….to us ladke ne jawab diya “Zindagi bhar ye mujhe jalati rahi or aaj mein inhe jala raha hoon”

“Once a boy was burning his degrees…by looking at this a person comes to him & asks son what are you doing..? He replied….The whole life these degrees burn me out & now I’m burning it.”

And on the other side we’ll see acompletely different face of this Country… Here people are confident, self driven, motivated, eager to spring-forth, ready to face the challenges that comes on their way, they have a dreams & desires to conquer the world…they doesn’t knows any boundation or limitations…they knows only one thing & that’s their target & goals that they have to achieve at any damn cost…they are least concerned about the path that they have opted….they earns in billions & spends in millions, they don’t even knows what poverty really is..they had a dinner at 5 star or 7 star restraus….pays 100’s of bugs as a tip…spends thousands on their dresses & accessories etc…

These are the two different but horrible faces of this Country…that shows the gap between the two extremes within this Country….& this gap is increasing day by day…& this is the main problem of this Country….We have to make efforts to decrease this gap…as soon as possible….else this Country will loses its Gleam..& we’ll lost our identity & at last I just want to say that…..

“ Thi Chinta mujhe bhi apne Desh ki…..mera pet bhar gaya mujhe neend aa gayi…..”

Jay Hind Jay Bharat,
Happy Independence day to my friends and all peperonity user's

Friends please don’t let it happen to us…..that’s it bye……
As it’s my article so plz send me ur valuable comments on it…& let me know if there is any mistake in it…..ur loving friend….

people matter in the end,countrys divide us,l used to beleve in country but l just love people now. strange how life changes
29.10.2011 21:49 EDT,
23.08.2011 04:42 EDT,
hw cn i make my blog r sites lyk u ?? I dnt knw hw cn make beautiful creation. . Pls help me
21.08.2011 17:48 EDT,
Hi, offcourse what you have written is the same to other third world countries not to your country only, we see many leaders of state of poor state when they get chance to take power they try for their best level to plunder , embazzling, and exploiting rulled or state wealth for their self gain or their family and not for the betterment of state, thankc alot anita u have told me something which is more common in our country, and for the development of our countries we need patriot people. Thankc i get u, byee
15.08.2011 19:45 EDT,
FREEDOM TO me is the ability to make choices and to carry them out. But in asocial environment, freedom requires a legal and institutional framework. On one hand, for a person to have complete freedom, he must be able to make choices and carry them out without being controlled by anyone else. But on the other, in a social sitting, one person's choice affects another. So we need laws to distribute the condition of freedom equally among all the people. Therefore, people are free if society imposes no unjust limits on them and also protects their rights. That is, the law both limits and protects ...
15.08.2011 06:35 EDT,
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