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imissyou - Newest pictures

I love you and miss you

11.05.2009 14:31 EDT
The world may never notice if a snowdrop does not bloom
Or even pause to wonder if the petals fall too soon
But every life that ever forms or ever comes to be
Touches the world in some small way for all eternity

The little one we longed for was swiftly here and gone
But the love that was then planted is a light that still shines on
And though our arms are empty our hearts know what to do
Every beating of our hearts says that We Love You
my lil chubby cheeks only lord & my broken heart knows hw much you are missed. what i would give just to hold you,see you smile,or look into those big bright eyes just one more time. Jake you are & forever will always be in my heart!! so hold a place for ya titi cuz one day we will see each other again!! love you!!
23.12.2009 23:57 EST,
. .dnt kno hw 2 start..readin n findin out.. i stay gone dnt mean eva i forget da awsum ppl az ur self..dat im blezd 2meet.. 2day i wana tel u..dat i admire u..not only r u kind bt w a strong hart..n i agree od doez kno why he doez wat he doez..he needd an angeln found hm.. neva 4get god only gvz uz az much az we kan handle.. n u my friend r da bzt example of a strong ..n bzt hart ever..blesinz 4u n ur lovd onez...
12.08.2009 01:14 EDT,
Jake no matter where u are now u have gained true immortality in the hearts and minds of so many people something which only the most special of people can do and you my dear friend are the most special of all
27.06.2009 02:49 EDT,
We haven't forgot jakey either, he's far from gone when he lives in your heart and everyones memory my dear friend. Stay strong and blessed be *hugs*
21.06.2009 09:20 EDT,
Jakey :-) just dropped by to say thinking of you lotsa love yr auwntie in Cape Town XX O XX
17.06.2009 10:28 EDT,
i am so deept deeply sorry for your loss i know exactly how feel i lost my littl baby girl in october last year but she had passed before she was born
The ocean seemed so big till i found the river that flowed into the lake that turned to water for u to drink, The sky was so bright with all the stars, but i found a special star & named it 4 u, Amongst the flowers were red white & blue, i picked a red rose just 4 u my sweet friend in New York, from ur dearest friend n Houston ....... mwah's
31.05.2009 17:17 EDT,
wow thanx i needed that.I have been thru some tough emotional stuff but at last im starting to see daylight.AVA
27.05.2009 07:40 EDT,
God Bless little Jake, I think of you a lot. And when I ever feel down with my own illness I think of what you endured. Your my hero Jake and wish I could be as brave and a fighter like you was. Love your auntie debs in England xXx
19.05.2009 13:23 EDT,
Hello my best friend your words is very beautiful congrat's and in love i wish are always and happy :-) GOD bless 4everrr to all of you and good evening i wish mak tc.
13.05.2009 11:06 EDT,
Thank you for the hint what beautiful words, brought tears to my eyes . . . . . love filly xxx
12.05.2009 06:51 EDT,
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